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Friday, July 14, 2006

Workin' For The Weekend!

Hola world! Just realized two seconds ago it's my SIL's birthday, wife of Boy Wonder (who says I'm dead to him). Damn. Oh well. Mom forgot too but she has an excuse, she's 77.

Damn. Will have to drop off a prezzie/card tomorrow. Take Mom out to get one too and drop it off as well.

Ottawa must have slid into the sun, it is hotter than blazes here and HUMID. GI's simple request for me to look through Mom's collection of family photos for 1970s vintage stuff morphed into a muuuucho bigger one, Bridg/bipolar style. While I was at it (looking at photos), thought I may as well get the photos at least into albums instead of those crummy paper folders that they arrive in from the camera shops since many of them are over 20 years old--some 50.

As noted earlier, someone else on my dad's side of the family, circa 1910, was one HECK of a shutterbug, not to mention Dad himself. Much more so than I am (well, I got ummm castigated a lot for that and no, Chris, that isn't anything sexy). There are stacks of individual photos dating back to the 1910s, some earlier, many between 1910 and 1940. Stacks!!

Anyhow, Bridg here thought that she'd buy an album or two, take half a day and straighten out the mess or at least get the pics all into albums. Ho ho ho. Not so fast. Wound up buying three largish laundry sized tubs (well not quite that big but easy to handle), two smaller ones suitable to handle letters and other packages and at least 5-7 albums and refill sheets. Think I used 3-4 of the albums.

Worked so long and hard on this task--all of yesterday and today, part of tonight --that my tendonitis arm/shoulder/wrist is KILLING me. Stopped at dinnertime (8:00). Had beer, pizza and NCIS to celebrate and relax. O.U.C.H. Gave up then. Had the job 65%-70% done by then. All of Mom's family pics are done, and all of ours in 2-3 of the locations we were in are in. Did I mention that we moved a lot? Well we did. There are pictures for only a few of them, but quite a few for the odd ones. Mostly thanks to Dad and Yours Truly.

You can tell what years the pics were taken by the presence of my sister's ex hubby and my late dad in them, and by the age of the kids. But good heavens the amounts of weight that Mom, I, Sis, BW and even SIL went up and down! I don't mean 30 lbs, this is more like 60-80 lbs. Each. Amazing transformations. I bet we ALL wind up diabetic sooner or later if we live that long. Just massive changes. Lots good parties too.

Actually have documented evidence of one nephew being introduced to one puppy as a transportation device. Scared both of them about each other for years. Also have photographic evidence of one bro (BW) teaching his kid how to use a balloon as an attack weapon against his uncle. The glee on the kid's face is amazing. Next shot is the kid attacking, with uncle grinning. Neat sequence, I must say. Those were good times. Those are two very loved little boys. Hope they know how much, even though they're both in their 20s.

This photo thing is like an obsession--don't know how I'm going go to sleep without finishing the job. It's bothering me already.

Another nice thing that happened is that I got to see how my relatives I never got to meet looked in real life. That was VERY special. And a trip that Mom, her sister and BIL and I took to visit family graves in upper state Pennsylvania I got to relive through the pictures. It was wonderful....a very special trip. For the company, the beautiful countryside, and the family connection. We took a picture that actually echoed an existing one taken 40 years earlier. I found the earlier version among the black and white family pictures. Fascinating.

Sorry if this post is boring...it was a real voyage of discovery for me.

Did also fine some lineages all traced out. Was very excited until I realized it related to two DOGS!!

Sigh. We have to work on that.

Took Mom to lunch at Cora's which was great. But it was too hot to do much else.

Now have to dust the place for GI. Got dinner reservations made (and THAT wasn't easy, with this heat, no one is eating in). Thanks Wayne!!! I owe you one ;)

Have a great weekend folks!!! Stay near the beer cooler...or the marg jug....!!!

Stay cool.......................Bridg


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