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Friday, July 07, 2006

Twist and Shout

Actually world, have a Scottish tune going through my head but since I don't know the name of it, will use this title from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. That movie's such a classic, and the TV movie stations won't quit playing it...

Another gorgeous day here in Ottawa...hope it was like that in your own corners of the globe too? Spent all of slaving away, even through lunch and until 6:00 because am taking next week off. It's either that or go to jail for strangling M. He spent all day on his pet (not work related) project (how do I know? It was on his monitor all day and he finally admitted it at end of day), chatting up the students who are working up the hall from me (heard that voice all day), and going out to a gang lunch. Bitter? Nahhhh. Just bemused by the fact that when I get back from taking one week off, he is taking the next three weeks off.

Hmmmmmm. Life is tough, I guess.

Tshsmom is right, hockey players (M) do have their ego issues. M's pet project is suffering badly from a testosterone competition between M and a rival 'faction' he's dealing with in another organization. Ever seen male rams butt horns? Yah it's like that. And it's very personal. The only way for this to be won by M's side is for M to appoint someone else, however temporarily, to lead his side. This would probably be seen as a 'win' by the other guys, who would very likely adopt a lot of what M's got proposed. Ta da. Points scored and THAT's the objective, not personal points. But does the Y chromosome see this? Not.a.chance. You guys do NOT want to hear my theory on the missing part of the Y chromosome and how it links to the brain.....with all due respect...in most men.

Have to introduce this man to the game of Go. He soooo does not get strategy. Thinks he does, but is too blinded by ego.

Aggie, Jules, BB. PH. we need tequila! Or something!

Maybe just a week away from the nonsense. He is a good person, just a tad lazy/egotistical. There are worse combinations.

Looking forward to my visit with GI (it'll probably be quick but who cares? A short visit with a friend is worth hours with others right?). Have the pictures from the cottage weekend ready and at Dar's suggestion on a CD. Boy I have GOT to learn not to jiggle the damn camera. But most are OK. Some too dark. Think I can photoshop those to be brighter. Think one or two would make nice posters/prints too. There's a camera on the market now that compensates for jiggly hands. Hope it's not a bazillion dollars.

Mom's doing fine physically but her sense of time (like knowing what day of the week it is) is really slipping. Got seasons' tickets for her and her friend Jean to the local playhouse on champagne night so that they (a) would get out of their houses (b) have fun together and (c) want to do other exciting things. The tickets arrived yesterday. It's so exciting to see them brighten up and it wasn't much financially. Feel a bit like Santa. Love those two ladies, bless them. As long as the $ keep coming in why not? May as well do good with it. They had been talking about doing this for five years. Got sick of it and just bought them myself one day. Ha! Now they get to go and no excuses--I drive them myself. It's so endearing to see them all excited and ready to go out...love it. Just love it and them so very much.

Should explain, Jean is not a relative, but a dear friend of my Mom's of at least 10-15 years' standing. She gives all her money to her daughters--who are shameless at accepting it. We are talking pension money, cars, you name it, they take it. These are women in their late 30s with husbands/men and at least two kids or a ranch in the picture, and their mother is broke from supporting them. Shame!!! So I thought that Jean deserved a little treat too and it made Mom feel great to have Jean with her at the theatre. Hence the Santa feeling.

Mom's stairlift isn't in yet. Sis is working on it, but probably backwards from the usual government approach. Am keeping my mouth shut. Let's see what 'the kids' do, at least she's working on it!! Hope Mom can last that long!!! Hope I last that long!!!

Plans for next week: putting artwork back on the walls (now that arm is getting better), hacking back the tropical rain forest that's moved into my garden, maybe cleaning garage OR hitting the movies. That movie idea looks like the most feasible candidate of all of them. Oh yes am going to practice marg mixing. Will try it out first, Aggie, then will post recipe. How's that? Sleep is definitely in there somewhere too.

Can feel blood pressure lowering just thinking about the marg adventure. Lovely. Won't try it on GI, he's a Foster's guy. Bridg on the other hand, while liking Foster's, is definitely a marg girl. Lady? Whatever. A marg type.

Maybe some culinary arts too.

OK Off to crash, ammmm gettinggggg veeeeery sleepyyyy

Have a great weekend, all!!!

Hugs, Bridg


  • At 7/08/2006 02:30:00 AM, Blogger SME said…

    This thing with M sounds extremely messy. I'd just stand back and let the rams tackle each other all they want.

  • At 7/08/2006 03:50:00 AM, Blogger Aggie said…

    That male ego is a fragile beast at the best of times. You know like in pre-historic times.
    I'll translate for you as we go ..
    Male Cave Person 1:
    Om Ooga, Om Ogwam, Om Blub (MY cave, My woman, MY club)
    Menacing wildly with much hand pointing ... & jumping up & down on the spot.
    Male Cave Person 2:
    Ton nay remo Fcuktwi (not any more fuckwit)he says as he
    poleaxes MCP # 1 in half with one fell swoop. Game over.

    Moral: Best not get caught in the middle and the WOMAN still have a cave, a man (not necessarily the same one of course), a club AND has gained a poleaxe in the process.

    I need that marg recipe real quick Bridg. lol

  • At 7/08/2006 08:54:00 AM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    You NAILED it Aggie!!
    The missing ingredients in the Y chromosome are prioritizing, multi-tasking, and time management. My guys are HOPELESS at this and rely on me for all their organizational skills. :(

    Good luck with the jungle chopping Bridg! We've been doing that for the last month. Unfortunately, the only part that won't grow back, is the patch we planted the garage on.

  • At 7/08/2006 10:09:00 AM, Blogger DrinkJack said…

    There are some digital cameras out there with the "anti-shake" feature. Minolta made one called the Z3, but that company decided to get out of the camera business (I think). Just look around :)

  • At 7/08/2006 10:27:00 AM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Thanks for the advice ladies! notice the guys not commenting but that's OK. The rams butting heads has to do with work and you all are right, Bridg decided not to have a damn thing to do with it.

    Other than point out to M that this initiative could go further if he temporarily handed the reins over to someone and that the point was to win, not for HIM to lead. You should have seen his face--I may as well have socked him with a wet mackerel across the face.


    Thanks for the camera advice, DMJ. When am solvent will check that out.


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