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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

In Your Soul

Corey Hart
courtesy of: http://www.mp3lyrics.org/c/corey-hart/in-your-soul/

Ever since I was a little kid
I have always thought
I could run faster than the wind
Stare up to the sky with open spaces
I could live and die
Man you can't find that in no book
You never find that in no book
Someone will drag you down
And try to knock you under
Hey mama said with her words of wonder
Don't matter cause, cause it's in your soul
(I have always felt
That I had to prove it to myself)
No salvation from the firin' line
(A million dreams won't set you free)
God I know there's something trapped in me
There's no refuge from the ride
No shelter ever saved a man his pride
(Give you pain and never feed you hunger
I won't close my eyes when it rain and thunders)
Don't matter cause, cause it's in your soul
(And when the night is overcome
And I've been racin' down a road
That's got no trace, no face
If I could live by the words I've sung
And carry all the choices I've made)
I swear, I swear I'll be there
'O no no, na na
Hey mister don't shadow box with me
'Cause I don't wanna someday be
An old man cursin' what I might have been
Now I realize what I see
That the wind was never chasin' me
And I don't feel so alone
I can close my eyes I'm goin' home
(Behind the clouds the sun is shinin'
Some rain will fall no use in cryin')
'O no'O no not me
(Got a picture in my head that won't let go of)
Young man running in search of
Count your blessings
'Cause it's in your soul
'O it's in your soul
In your soul
'O no
[In your soul]
Ever since I was a little kid
I have always thought
[Ah he always thought]
Young man running
[Always thought]
Keep on running
- and a running -
and a running
Keep on running

Nice job capturing those lyrics, huh world? It was a gorgeous day here, hope it was in your corner of the globe too. Things went well here in every sense except there was a bit of a shadow in Bridg's heart but it's going away. Just thought of this song and Corey Hart's magic chased it away. Then thought of Sting's magical lyrics ("saw the sad shy horses...") and brightened up even more. Even sung on the way home.

Also called a colleague for a work-related reason...don't know this lady all THAT well. She wound up educating me on how to make a perfect marg (the tequila drink) before we got down to business. KNEW I liked this lady for a reason besides our shared Irish heritage!! WELL that put old Bridg back on the path to sanity, lemme tell you. M was kinda freaky. (He) played hockey last night, got to sleep at 1:00, came into work at 7:00 (this is a guy who never shows up before 9:45) and was scatter-brained all day and hyper. WEIRD. Got my work done but a few times I almost pulled his hair he was so wired. Hey we're buds, it's all good.

Shoulder is fine (can do most things, still not others). The injection site is NOT sore. Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe is very happy to be home and for once, cuddly.

Not much else going on here, gotta go catch up on my visits to you guys..Mom is very happy and doing well. Siblings for once are quiet yahoo. Probably calm before storm but the h*ll with it, it's quiet.

Even bill traffic's down, except for a $79 Telus bill (OK that's one activity being curtailed).

Off to visit you guys now.

Hugs, world!



  • At 7/05/2006 11:21:00 PM, Blogger .: raven :. said…

    a little bit of the twilight zone, eh?

    you sound good though, woman, and i'm so glad to hear that!!

    what is Telus? and $79 doesn't seem too much ....? help a southerner out ... :)

  • At 7/06/2006 04:57:00 AM, Blogger Aggie said…

    B: You & I have so much in common I'm beginning to think you ARE me in another universe a few light years away. Spooky!
    Music, spoiled cats, & alone again, naturally. & we both love PH. (Are we mad?)
    Post recipe for the Marg (Tequila) please - oh so Yummy! Yes! I'm having a 'toast' to ya as I post!
    I also have an Irish heritage.
    Keep that shoulder healing - got to keep the drinking arms in good working order.

  • At 7/06/2006 08:36:00 AM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Raven, twilight zone is darn right. Thanks sweetie and hugs right back atcha. Telus is a cell phone service. It's a fairly big bill for only calling one number!! I think.....

    Aggie, it is spooky, isn't it--twins in some dimension! OK will post recipe tomorrow. TY for the toast, it is very much appreciated and makes my day! LOVE the shared Irish heritage, does a colleen proud!!!

    You're right, didn't think of the poor drinkin' arm!! MAN gotta get healin' fast! Faith and begorra!!!


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