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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Crystal Blue Persuasion

Hola world! Muggy and hot here, allegedly. Wouldn't know because the only time I went outside was to get the newspaper. Spent the whole day exercising (inside--have treadmill and TV in the airconditioned basement. Yeah it's decadent and am paying for it believe me), reading, watching TV and napping. Conditioned the bod a bit and let the mind unravel. It.was.fanflippingtastic. Didn't know until last night that if you don't exercise joints they can dry up (of synovial fluid) somewhat? Or at least it's better for the joint-I-promised-not-to-talk-about-again to exercise it.

Even cooked dinner (not a frozen dinner for once). Is this going to be a trend? Who knows but for now it's great. Have more doctor's appointments coming up and a medical test tomorrow (no it never ends would be faster to just croak but won't get off that easily lol).

So not much news here. In fact it's downright boring in a blog sense. That's good news for me (the drama around here a while ago was the stuff of country and western songs) but dull for you, I"m afraid. Will post some good jokes that rolled in to make up for it.

Have a lovely evening, world! Enjoy summer, it's so brief....love y'all, Bridg


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