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Monday, June 26, 2006

Waitin' For The Weekend

It's only Monday world, and can't wait for the weekend because get to spend it with Dar and GI!!!

But it's Monday (well, going on Tuesday). Hope that your Monday slipped by OK, world?

It was fine enough here. The weather folks predicted rain, so naturally it didn't. Hot and sticky though. Even now muggy and the A/C's going full tilt. Mosquitoes are the size of crows.

Was going to take Friday off but can't because M scheduled a big meeting then :( oh well. It was a good thought.

Had a meeting with the consultant who has been re-named World's Worst Consultant. This guy looks like Don Knotts (sorry Don, even though you've left this world...), thinks like Joey on Friends but not quite that bright, and drove up to the meeting in (get this) a Porsche. He just didn't fit with that car (a Beetle would be more appropriate). Showed up late of course. Not a lick of work done and was a bit outraged that we (the managers) were expecting HIM to do the analysis prior to the meeting.

Was astonished that the group (of 5) brainstorming that he had envisioned for today's meeting would need longer than the 1.5 hours that we had scheduled the meeting room for (at least 48 hours would be needed, and that would be for 5 experts such as M and I)...need I go on? All that idiot did was waste 1.5 hours of our time. The car was the icing on the cake.

This person is not 20 something, he's 53. Old enough to know better. Wonder how he gets his shoes tied in the morning? Just out of idle curiosity.

Oh well.

BTW before you ask, Porsches which are more than a few years old don't cost much. About as much as an SUV (~$40K). So no, he isn't all that successful. He sure isn't getting good references from us unless things change a H*LL of a lot in the next few days.

Otherwise things going well work wise and home wise. Booked The Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe to stay with her pals at the vet's office next weekend while I'm with Dar and GI. That way if anything goes wrong, all her doctor buddies are right there and they can treat her. They spoil her rotten there, with snacks, petting etc. --they like her very much and vice versa. It always takes her a few days once she gets home to realize that no, I will NOT pet her while she eats. Even if her vet hospital friends do.

Went to physio tonight. Have lost a lot of motion in the arm/shoulder--things are going backwards--not getting better, getting worse. Am seeing the sports med doc tomorrow. Physiotherapist's best guess is torn ligament/muscle given the deterioration in function but have to wait till tomorrow for the definitive word. She asked what I can do with the arm and the only answer I could give is 'nothing'! Not even putting on seat belt in car anymore...pain is indescribable. Actually having feeling in that arm is not a good thing right now. Even had pins and needles in neck today yahoo. :p Kind of like needing a root canal (ache) from your shoulder to your elbow. Like that.


Wound up in Cr*pters tonight, and noticed that the A/C wasn't working where the cashiers are. And worse, they have those huge lights focused directly on them. QUIT COOKING YOUR STAFF YOU CHEAPOS!!! THEY EARN BIG BUCKS FOR YOU!!! It was unbelievably warm up there. Those poor ladies!! It isn't like that chain can't afford to make their staff comfortable. Fans don't cost much.

Jeez I'm crabby when I'm in pain. OK off to take/find Tylenol.

Have a lovely evening folks. If you're having this heat that we are in O-town, hope you have some way of cooling off (movies, malls, A/C, fans, ice, libations, soft drinks...).

Sweet dreams!!!

Love, Bridg


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