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Friday, June 09, 2006

Black Cars

Hi world, how do you like Gino Vanelli (or however you spell that name)?

Hope it isn't raining in your corner of the globe. It is here (still)! Well, that's a break sorta. No gardening. No lawn mowing (not that I'd do it anyway) or car washing (not that I'd do it anyway). Whatever is living in the birthday-cake sized sand heap probably will stay in there until Monday when (a) it is supposed to be sunny and (b) the pest control guys come and take whatever it is away. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Have unexpected but welcome company this weekend who promised to put up my curtain rods (thank you GI!). Dar is going to a travel conference. This is a very quick visit but very much appreciate the help, since the shoulder got much worse and can't get in to see the sports med docs until June 27 (growling about medical situation in Ontario).

Found out that the psychodrama comment was not aimed at me. Good. Ulcers can now go away. Got major tasks done. Remortgaging got done. House insurance policy? Found eight documents, none of them was what was needed. Have to get it faxed in by (new) agent. All of the arrangements were done and I was back in my illegally parked and not ticketed car in 26 minutes. WOW. If you can be in love with a bank, I am.

Also got Visa bill. Obscene balance. And they waived payment this month. Holy Christmas tree.
Thank You Up There.

Remember how everything went wrong at once a few weeks ago? Well, today is Opposites Day (thanks for the idea, Calvin and Hobbes). Nice. Thank You Up There.

Think I woke up in someone else's life today but am really glad for the break.

Have a wonderful weekend, all. If you live in Ottawa, you may wish to consider either building an ark or growing scales/fins/gills. I am.

Hugs, Bridg


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