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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Sweetest Thing Part Deux/Happy Mothers' Day

Hi world, happy Mothers' Day and I love you all!

Just had my second visit with GI. Yes he stayed overnight and yes we behaved.

Of course.


He and his wife are visiting next weekend. Am having Jer over too and I hope he doesn't forget. I want/need to get these guys together.

It was a wonderful, magical time. Had another multihour dinner (three). Saw a table nearby with three elegant older folks who looked to be in their late 70s, early 80s. Two ladies who sat side by side and a gentleman. As I left to 'powder my nose', I pointed them out to GI and said 'think ahead a few years'. Poor man, I think I gave him a heart attack. But they just made my heart swell.

Talked about everything and anything. Was curious about who else he dated, so he told me. Along with that came the story of university, med school, how he met his wife, etc. It was lovely. Guess my story sort of accompanied that but he already knew a lot of it anyway. We drove by what used to be the grocery store where we met in 1970-1971 and the place where my family used to live (where he'd walk me home). The sun was setting, it was sooooooo cool. And the neighborhood was of course older but nice. Except someone had planted some big honking flagpole (complete with big honking flag) right in the middle of the front yard (of a semi detached house) which looked silly, but....as faults go, no biggie. It was so sweet. Then we went 'home' and looked at photo albums, played Simon and Garfunkle/Style Council and drank Fosters (but only 2 each). Stayed up till 1.

Know I snored (oh I'm so CLASSY!) because I woke up with a dry mouth. Class act that GI is, he swore that he didn't hear it. I made him shut his door, mine was shut too. The Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe would not have let either of us sleep had she been able to invade either bedroom, so mutually closed doors were the order of the night. Fortunately, it was so cold I got to wear winter pjs. The summer ones make the weight situation look far worse than it already is.

I bet you guys are rolling around on the ground laughing, right? Well go ahead I do not blame you at all. It is hilarious.

He is with the right woman. Things happen for the best, for the right reason. My heart's at peace, his is too. Has been all along. I love them both so damn much. Am so very proud of him. And her. Not sure that I have any right at all to feel this way but don't care. That's the way it is, dammit. They're very fine people and I"m proud that they're my friends. As some of you might have noticed from my comments about other friends, I tend to keep people in my life for very long periods of time (um like elementary school buds are still there? I"m 54 years old? Yah like that). These two are the most special of all the special people I know. So are Peggy, Jery, Pauly Doris, Scott/Keanu Reeves (now nicknamed Chief Biscuit) and Ray. Have not forgotten any of youse guys. Each of you in a unique way for very different reasons.

Great now I'm tearing up again.

Happy Mothers' Day everyone. Please kiss or hug your Mom, or if you can't, someone's Mom who needs one. K?

Love you, Bridg


Dinner was fabulous. All nine of us showed up on time. The wait staff was the best and a superb time was had by all. I tipped 25%--they more than earned it. Mom got bombed on two glasses of wine at dinner, and that scared the living daylights out of me/all of us. She could not walk, stand or anything else. Made her promise not to attempt the stairs at her house for several hours. At her age (77), a broken hip is a very serious thing. Brought her her nighttime meds and a drink of water, made sure that the cat was fed. Left a message for Bro that it is time to get the stairs done NOW-- it is a four alarm screaming emergency. No more 'yah, this should happen some time soon' and forgetting it stuff (this has been going on for several weeks, and it was urgent according to her health care worker then). Told Mom that either the stairs get done pronto or she's into a retirement home, and I don't mean 'someday'.

Sorry that this happened today of all days but she scared the living daylights out of me. Since Bro's too busy to handle this, I will.

It's always the women in this family who get things done. Drives me nuts.

Sorry for the griping....Bridg


Realized what caused Mom's problem last night. I had the same thing with my first bout of anorexia in the last 1970s (lost a fair chunk of weight quickly, went to a friend's house for dinner. Had two drinks, and wound up passing out in the bathroom). That's what happened to Mom. Not all that much alcohol, but she has lost a lot of weight. She keeps saying that she's fat (an anorexic thing)--she is NOT fat-- and the alcohol hit her like a ton of bricks. Aha. This doesn't take the weight off of Bro/the stair thing at all, tho. It just possibly explains what happened. Mom's telling her doctor about this at next visit....


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