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Saturday, May 27, 2006


Was going to call this Fantasy but that would bring up David strangulation and don't want to go there (ha ha ha) because someone, somewhere is bound to do that sooner or later and then I'll get the blame...sigh.

The nasty yellow is gone, and in its place is a lovely pale yellow that I had in mind in the first place. The trim is actually OK too. The blue rooms are great, the computer/cat's room (how DARE I call her a cat!) is green. More green than I had in mind but OK. The trim is a little kid's room green but OK. There are so many bookcases and plants in here that it's hard to notice it anyway. My biggest beef is that they didn't put the mirrors back up and they're way too big/heavy for me to do, so will give Team Leader a call today to arrange that. Their equipment etc. is still here and have not paid them yet. They still have the key to this place (which will be Jery's key when I get it back. As power of attorney he needs one).

Speaking of that, I did mention the will thing? He, GI/Dar are the powers of attorney. The lawyer was a fussy little man who called all my bequests a nightmare. I just smiled at him until he gave up trying to change my mind. Silly little person. He's the one who asked me to think of this stuff in the first place. It isn't like Jer doesn't know every inch of my place in the first place, or that this stuff isn't very organized, blah blah blah. No one's moved much in the last 30 years...he's just a fussy little guy. So it's done. Every bequest family wise goes directly to nephews/niece, so that's a big load off of my mind. No fighting. Well even if there is I'll be long gone, but wanted to spare everyone as much ummmm unpleasantness as possible. There is $s for POAs (for having to deal with that bunch although nephews are sweeties) and funeral info is funny--give away all body parts possible and cremate the rest.

Enough of that.

They also (going back to painting) painted the basement steps. Which are still wet. Realized that I can't get to the beer! Or laundry! This could be interesting. Oh well. I'll be dry and stinky (ha ha ha).

Won't go into what the not-too-with-it-consultant did to me (and everyone else ) last week except to say that M is going to have words with him on Monday. This is something you DO NOT want to experience, ever. And the people he made miserable are sure to call M's boss, it was that irritating. I tried to stop it, and succeeded the second time. Was too nice/in shock the first time. It's very difficult to accept that someone I went to school with and knew for as many years as I did turned out this way (M called him a plagarist and worse things) but have to admit that this is how it is. Can't deal with a situation unless it's recognized for what it is. But man, it's hard. Very hard.

In our line of work, we have to be quiet and collect evidence. No we are not detectives or police, but it's similar work in that sense. This fellow's talents are in the opposite field, he likes to analyze and brainstorm. It is very difficult for him to be quiet. He wants to get in there and talk, offer his views. You can't do that! It contaminates the evidence, intimidates the interviewee-- it's the worst thing that you can do. And is highly unethical. I shouldn't have to explain that to someone who's been prequalified in this field, is a partner in a company working in this field, and is getting paid more than half my annual salary to do this one task. M will do this explaining on Monday (There are too many personal ties between us for me to do this. Besides, M is the boss and he can be much more stern that I can). It's like a doctor telling a patient how he feels without taking his vital signs. Argh.

Enough of that.

Sorry I haven't been visiting lately, this is the first day I've had a computer in a while thanks to the painting mess. Will do the rounds this weekend. Hope that you're all happy, healthy and consultant-free.

I swear, next time I hire someone, they will have been born within the same decade as I (be more sympathetic to what I can/can't do on my own)! Not that their work wasn't excellent, it is/was. They just left me with more to do on my own than I can manage. Am not 20 anymore, lol.

Love you guys!!


p.s. the Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe is a little put out at not being able to access her vacation home (the basement) but somehow adapted quite well to the painters being here. They must have paid quite a bit of attention to her. Brat. Mom's very happy and healthy, going to brunch and grocery shopping today.


  • At 5/27/2006 10:13:00 AM, Blogger starbender said…

    Glad all u'r painting is done, sorry u had 2 do sooo much work.
    WoW, sounds like all of u'r plans have been set in that concrete! I'm just not that far yet!

  • At 5/27/2006 10:37:00 AM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    "Was too nice/in shock the first time."
    I have the same problem. I'm always so stunned, by a person's behavior, the first time, that I don't react.
    The 2nd time, I tend to overreact, which isn't good either. I guess this is because I've had time to smolder over the situation. The second time around I ignite.
    I'm not a fire sign for nothing! ;)

    The hardest part of painting is the prep and cleanup. That's why you're paying them. Make them finish the job!

  • At 5/27/2006 04:18:00 PM, Blogger Wandering Coyote said…

    Hope you can access your beer soon!

  • At 5/27/2006 07:09:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Starbender, have a little advice--stay away from very young contractors.

    Tshsmom--we are definitely sisters under the skin. See tonight's post...they are fixing things, sigh. But the price yowch.

    WC, I so need that beer.


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