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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Never Said I Was Smart

Oh world! Just realized that the remark about Cushing's might have been a tad confusing. OK here goes.

The day after GI was here (Thursday) I had an appointment with my own GP. Got lectured and scared by the guy. Called DI to report in what he said. DI and I yacked quite some time as usual about this and that, mostly about what it was like to be taught by nuns (bet a lot of you ladies are laughing out there now).

GI came into the middle of this conversation and asked me a few questions. By then I was parked in my work parking lot. Asked if I had a stiff neck. Yes I do. Do I bruise easily? Yes, thought it was because of all the anticoagulants I'm on. Do I have (this one's funny) purple stretch marks on my thighs/abdomen. I thought about that one for a long long time. It isn't like I look a lot around there. Did have them in the past, never mind where. It's really kinda funny. I waited so long to answer that he asked if I was looking. I told him where I was and said, uh, no, there are guards walking all around this parking lot....no am not looking! Am trying to remember. Yes I do have them. Then he asked about muscle weakness. Oh yes big time. Can't stand or walk for more than 10 minutes. This is very odd. A sharp change from even a short time ago.

He asked me to write down the name Cushing's Disease (right then and there), and to call my gp back and ask for a requisition to be tested for it. It's a disease of the adrenals/pituitary that causes all of those symptoms plus others that he noticed during dinner/our visit. Sudden weight gain. Loss of front hair, cholesterol issues, blood sugar issues (a new prob as of Thursday and I don't use sugar ever), high blood pressure and about 5-6 other items. I had all of them (I googled it).GI said that it hit him like a ton of bricks on his drive home. The treatment depends on where the origin is, pituitary or adrenals. He's never had a patient with this but wants to see my numbers when they come back. Cool!!! I now have an m.d. guardian angel and his wife helping me. VERY cool.

I hope I do have this. First, it would explain a hell of a lot. Second, GI would feel fantastic being able to help. Thirdly, it would me feel less like this is exclusively my fault, because up till now I've sorta felt like it is. The weight did just kinda jump on there very fast (about 80 lbs in a few months). I'm a former aerobics freak. This really is ummm odd.

Would be great to get this under control. Am sick and tired of being sick and tired. Know you ladies feel that way huh?Wow first the bipolar thing now this.

OK next step is fixing Sis. Start your good thoughts engines, please....

I may need some prank delivery help from some of you. Not re sis, re a really nasty pair of guys hassling DI and GI in B.C. Give it some thought...we can discuss offline...

Bridg (fading fast....again).....love you guys

p.s. Have always been as healthy as a horse my entire life except for allergies. I hate being this way.


  • At 5/06/2006 10:22:00 PM, Blogger scrunch said…

    explain the hassling DI and GI...maybe I can't help but I'm more of a normal person (and comnputer-freak) than given credit for..if you don't want it blogged, e-mail me...seriously...you're my online friend...

    and no..you never said you were smart, and and I KNOW that you're a good person!...

    can't resist the joke: (are you better when you're bad?)

    I REALLY REALLY wanna know about this, though, but ONLY if you think I can help...

  • At 5/06/2006 11:13:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Oh Scrunchie have been dying to blog about this. Have been waiting to calm down You're my online bud too. It's a big relier that you're a computer freak, I need those talents. TY re being a good person, there are days it ain't easy but always wrothwhile.

    I am much better when I'm bad. I mean, all my thoughts and pure evil are very focused then. Don't get flustered, all my words are sharp, clear, focused and deadly. So yes you can help. This will unfold as you and I and others think about it over the next few days. K here we go.

    GI is a twin. Better start using first names or this'll get really confusing:

    Greg and Geoff (Greg is the good one) are twin sons of Brian Butthead. Brian Butthead is married to a lovely lady named Ann Marie (Nanna). Brian and Geoff (father and son) are two peas in a pod. Did you ever see the starting scenes of An Offer and a Gentlemen? The father gets the son a hooker for his birthday and they go at it on the same bed? Yep that's those two. I'm not exaggerating here. Blond Beach Boys here.

    Ann Marie's a sweet, multilingual talented lady. Greg takes after her. Gorgeous hard body guy. Modest, energetic, best manners you'll ever find, sweet, kind, thoughtful. Smart (both boys).

    Brian Butthead and Geoff pick unmercifully on AM and Greg. At least from the time I knew them (1970) to current. BB belittles Greg in front of Greg and his wife. Says that Greg married D (who is less than 5 years older than he) for security reasons. Are you kidding? The guys who marry older women ARE secure. The men who go for younger chicks are the ones who need the security of dominating fluffy young things who don't know any better and are easily impressed (generally speaking). He's also asked Greg's wife what she sees in him. In front of Greg. And grabbed her butt with both hands in front of Greg.

    Now,I think I remember enough of my karate to make him sorry he'd even thought of that move. Apparentely he's done that to all of Greg's dates. I sure don't remember that and I would have done something pretty violent, lemme tell ya. I don't put up with much in that category.

    There's much much more, but the bottom line is that Greg's twin and so called father go out of their way to make him and his wife miserable. And his mother quite miserable. She is a darling, talented woman (I mean both of them, but in particular the mother who is 83).

    Some of the stories had me so angry because of the injustice of it all that I almost started making phone calls from my car on the Queensway.

    Don't want to abuse my position (well not much) but I could make their lives a living hell officially for a long long time to come.

    Then it occurred to me that I'm not Bridg for nothing.

    Ever hear of the movie Twins with Danny Devito and Ahhhnold Swartzenegger in it?

    I have the home addys of both of these micreants, their phone numbers and the e mail of God's Gift to Women (Geoff, who BTW never made it to med school. He made it as far as the lofty heights of dentistry, only in the department of national defence--home of misfits--who asked him to retire years ago. I call him the Tooth Fairy).

    So was considering asking everyone to send copies of that movie to these two morons (butthead brian and the tooth fairy) from all over canada if I could pay you for the copies from a paypal account. DOn't have one yet but could.

    Then I 'd set up a new e mail addy and send all that spam about 'woman not satisfied' etc. to Tooth Fairy.

    How about a blog entitled "how short is Geoff -------'s Penis, Really? (he messes around on his wife a lot) I don't know if I could get sued but it'd be worth it.

    Things like that.

    Then there are things that could show up parcel post, etc.

    I mean it I am living. Greg and his wife are so noble, so nice, that they just bite their tongues when they're around these walking turds. That only encourages tooth fairy and butthead (or is it butthead and beavis?) to get worse and worse.

    So enter Bridg. My dad and last boss were duplicates of butthead. I speak this language and won't let bullies push me around. I realize the mistake Greg/DI are making by being nice. And I"m not afraid to fight fire with fire. I always win too. and I'm so mad.....when I'm mad I get really focused. So this is what I mean. 54 years of abuse of a wonderful talented guy, simply out of jealousy, and torturing his wife because he loves her.

    I'm gonna make them (beavis and butthead) wish that they were never born.

    Any suggestions, help very fervently welcome...I rreally mean it. WEll, except 'forget it'. This is gonna happen, and it's gonna happen over years........

  • At 5/06/2006 11:17:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    p.s. I meant, I am 'livid'!! Not 'living'. Well, OK am 'living', whatever....

  • At 5/07/2006 12:43:00 AM, Blogger scrunch said…

    DO NOT do anything with a fictitious email...there is no such thing as anonymity to a determined or experienced computer person.

    I'm gonna think about this for just a short while...

  • At 5/07/2006 05:27:00 AM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Thanks for the thinking and advice, scrunch. I really want to do this right.

    butthead and the tooth fairy have gotten my blood boiling.

    Greg showed me a lovely pic of him and D in front of the Trevi fountain. The Pope came by and blessed everyone there.

    He is grinning ear to ear. D is looking soul-weary. But she's beautiful right down to her bones. Just.plain.beautiful.
    When I re-met him the other day, he was his old handsome, kind, loving self. Careworn, thin, and stooped a bit.

    I blame those two walking turds/laughing hyenas for this. From what D's told me, and from what I saw as a kid (they never een called those kids by name, they range buzzers! One ding for the tooth fairy, one for Greg).Anyway, the weight I saw on her lovely face, and the weight on his strapping shoulders...GRRRRRRRRR....I not only want to help, I have to. It's making me cry with frustration at the unfairness and mean-spiritedness. Greg and D are as ill-equipped to handle this spite as two babies.

    I'm not. I grew up with this. So did Greg I know, but he's too kind and D's not allowed to do (he'd be saying "Dear, please....". I don't have that handicap).

    Sorry I"m raving......

    So yes Scrunchie, any thoughts, advice, would be most welcome. My blood's boiling. And that never happens....

  • At 5/07/2006 09:07:00 AM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    "Dear, please" would NEVER have worked with me. You don't screw with MY loved ones like that, EVER!!
    Scrunch's brothers were "butt grabbers" when we first got married. They'd also make crude comments like: "Nice poop chute". They got over that REAL QUICK, after dealing with ME!! They now respect me immensely.
    Bullies of the world, BEWARE; we're on the warpath!!


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