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Saturday, May 06, 2006

It's A Small World After All

Well world, am doing what any normal person would do after a night like last night.

Am getting the house painted (inside).

Yah you read that right. Put down a deposit on a huge indoor painting job (ouch). Hope I can afford it but this place is driving me nuts after over a decade of living here.

Jer called this a.m. Made me feel a world of better. His mom got right on the prayer circuit. Angel that she is. His voice was like a bath of sunlight. He'll be back in Ottawa by Wednesday so we have a hug-date (no no no I am a good girl /freelance nun, you guys). Didn't realize the similarities to GI that he has before (who am I kidding, never gave it a thought) but Jery has a recording studio in his basement, likes the same music that GI does, and collects the same kinds of guitars. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. These guys have to get together, thinks Bridg the meddler/networker.

Jer and I met the year after GI and I parted company. He (Jer) tried to teach me genetics (at Carleton Univ.) in 1972. Poor Jer, I was a HORRID student.

What does this have to do with painting the house? Want it to be perfect (well, OK not perfect just not so ummm what-it-is-now) for DI when she and GI get here in June. Want her to love this place. Shit, want to give them a key to this place. OK OK this is a lot very fast. Slow down Bridg.

But it all feels so right even if it is fast. Is this part of bipolar or a rush of rediscovery/discovery?
When I was picking out colors for the paints, all I was thinking about besides what it would look like and if I liked the colors was if THEY would like them/how DI and GI would react. I not only reconnected with GI, I have a new incredibly cool bud (DI). Am thrilled. Am incredily sad about Sis but she's going to be OK. I know it now. Feel it in my bones. Really. Or I'll kick her little blonde butt.

Getting back to the painting thing, this is beastly expensive. But worth every cent I hope.

Got the Cushing's and X ray tests done this a.m. (woke up at 4:00 again. Have those two somehow have turned me into a morning person. Telepathy?). Both Jery and GI asked if I'd read the DaVinci Code that Wandering Coyote wrote about. I have the book, meant to read it but haven't even had time to read a newspaper in two weeks. Jer mentioned the book this afternoon. We have a 'date' to see its predecessor's movie version (demons and devils? Something like that) on May 19.

Am still damn worried about little Sis but in a good way now, thanks to DI, GI, Jery and all of you. My heart's so full of love it's about to explode. Remember that term 'pathetic fallacy' from high school English classes? It was raining this a.m. Now the sun's out and it's a gorgeous day.


Things happen for a reason. There is a God. Good does come from bad. Not always right away, but it does.

Keep praying, folks. I am. I can feel yours working and I love you all so much for it.

Love always, Bridg

p.s. Prayers, if I can be so bold, for DI and GI too? I can read the weariness in their faces from fighting the evil in GI's family....

p.s.p.s. They (D & GI) are coming here even sooner!! On May 20. I am so f'ing happy!!! Could not have waited till June. YAHOOO! OK now on to fix little Sis...


  • At 5/06/2006 09:32:00 PM, Blogger scrunch said…

    Painting the house??

    Please, tell me you're not pulling a 'John Cougar Mellancamp'..pink is not your color, I just KNOW...

    and no muave...THAT IS NOT A COLOR; it's a phrase created by the paint manufacturers to convince you to buy gallons of it, attend cocktail parties, and make snotty comments like, 'I did MY living room in muave...'

    Scrunch: 'Well, I did my living room in earth-tone browns with the subtlest hint of a deep-forest green, so how's that for a snotty atitude, huh.'

    ...and that's all I have to say about color...

    (Bridget applauds)...

    But I WILL be back...

    (Bridget sighs)...

  • At 5/06/2006 11:33:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Scrunchie, rest assured. The colors are inside (hallway upstairs a very light yellow, the one going into basement a green so light it's called lacewing (actually a bug's name), two of the bedrooms including mine are blue like the color on the chest of the angel pic on this blog (I like to think that I used to look like her HA) and the last bedroom a sage-ish green.

    Pink sure isn't my color. Some sales chick (she really was young) kept nagging me to try on a pink top. I warned her that I suck in pink. Until I tried it on, do believe that she'd never seen someone suck in pink before. She agreed with me. ROFL.

    Glad you will be back, scrunchie. You are right on!!!!!

    Gotta go sleep now, meds are hitting...TY for yer advice and offer to help. Let's see how we can cook up something appropriate for Tweedlegeoff and twweedlebrian....


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