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Friday, May 19, 2006

Fire (the Pointer Sisters' version)

Another cool angel card that's right on. These things are spooky but soo reassuring. And they just show up in the e mail from 01angels Yahoo groups. Thanks Margie....


This is truly an action card. Fire up your adrenaline and get going. What are you waiting for? Remove any obstacles and go forward. Allow a living brilliance to awaken in you and tend it carefully. Let the fire spark new interests. Get in touch with your burning desires and manifest them in your life. Yet keep in mind, a fire out of control can be destructive. Get jazzed. Let your light shine. Allow your spirit to be free. Perhaps it is time to light the flame of love? This is often a card of purification, for clearing and cleansing body, mind and spirit. See it as a shedding of negativity. Sometimes when this card is drawn there is suppressed anger in a situation that needs to be expressed in a constructive way. We all have our fire to walk through. Life sometimes brings great challenges. Often the fire card can precede a difficult situation, a hot spot. It is encouraging you to move away from the heat so you can see more clearly. Being aware helps you get through the danger with the least amount of pain and hurt. Look at the larger picture. Perhaps you are being pushed out of your comfort zone for a reason.

Wicked, huh?

Happy Friday, all!!

Love, Bridg


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