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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Angel Card For Today (Wow Do You Believe This Stuff?)


Prepare for a new lease on life! Feel free to grow and stretch toward
your fullest potential. Let go of the past and move forward. Time for
change. Let go of old habits. Time to be free of a confining attitude,
situation or relationship. Re-evaluate your choices. Re-negotiate. A
release in energy prevents you from having to repeat the same lessons
over and over again. It enables you to be in the divine flow once
again. Let go of control and risk the release. What is the worst that
can happen? The tighter you hold on, the harder the opposing forces
pull in the opposite direction. The only way to hold on is to let go.
Letting go gives you a second chance. Rel-"ease" does not have to
be difficult. It is usually fear that makes us cling so difficult. Facing
the fear can often be a release in itself. By not forcing an issue, you
may loosen up the energy and prevent blockages or setbacks. Allow
the energy to flow. Give people the gift of allowing them their own
experience. Trying to protect them can often do more harm than good.

Describes me and everything to a T. Will blog more about it later. Have a wonderful day, world. Wishing you, GI, his family love, peace and happiness (he's getting here at 2:30). Have been e-chatting with his wife. She's fantastic.



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