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Saturday, May 20, 2006

59th Street Bridg(e) Song

Well, world, the house is about as clean as it's gonna get. Found Sens T shirts and it wasn't easy. And it's noon. I give the place about an hour for the roof to collapse before GI and Dar get here around 2:00. That would be par for me. Laundry and groceries are done (gasp!), dishes too, can't do the yard weeding --it's raining too hard. Would rather have prize winning dandelions than stupid looking hair. OK stupider looking hair. Tub's scrubbed, sheets changed...la de dah think it's all done.

Time for a nap. Have been up since 4:00. This morning person stuff is killing me.

Hey the sun just came out. So thaaaat's what it looks like. Nice.

Asked GI if he'd be my power of attorney for medical stuff and Jer for everything else. Both agreed. Jer asked if I'd be his. Of course I agreed. Yay it feels great to get this off my back. Am seeing a lawyer about a real will on Tuesday night. Just realized that that is the night for the satellite guys and will have to change it damn. Oh well. Point is, am moving fast on this stuff. Want to make sure that GI/Dar get the car and that Jer/GI get my music stuff...rest goes to Mom/nephews. I have seen enough money-grubbing to gag a maggot lately (siblings). Like most of us, am worth more (hmmm how to put this gracefully) not breathing than breathing. Because of the oddities of fate (well for now), the worth is a bit surprising. So I want to be extra sure that things go where they should. There will be fighting involved and I want to head that off by protecting the ones who won't protect themselves. Good thing I noticed it now while something can be done about it.

Enough of that. Time for relaxing, frivolity and general nonsense.

Catch ya later, world.



p.s. can you believe it, GI and Jer are already talking guitars at each other through me? I love this.


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