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Sunday, April 16, 2006

On With The Show This Is It!

Happy Easter World!

Was just as busy today and it was my Sis who did the cooking! Despite my ummm non preference of ham, dinner was great. But am getting ahead of myself.

Did so much today that I forgot half of what I did. What I do remember is getting rid of six bags of pillows, towels, and sheet sets (good ones too, I just was not going to use them anyway) and giving them to the Salvation army.

Filled four trash bags full of, well, trash. The paper recycling thingie is so full that you can't fit another sheet of paper into it. Defrosted and poured away a dozen (maybe more) cans of OJ and frozen ice tea that I had prior to moving into this house at least a decade ago down the sink. Ewwwww.

Cleaned out the desk that this computer rests on and found games I forgot that I had. Caught up on my sewing. Took about a dozen framed pieces of art (I got them at hobby shops) to the basement from the second floor (not easy with your arm in a splint), yada yada yada. Prettied up Peggy's room (the second bedroom that isn't mine or the Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe's. Peggy's my bud in Newfoundland. She visits once a year or so and is battling breast cancer.

Have a fasting blood test tomorrow (cholesterol junk), hormone tests (they take about 10-12 vials for that but they're little). Need to do more damn laundry (skipped doing it the last three weeks or so), change the sheets, make soup, take the car to the garage, change insurance agents (my old one died and they assigned me to an idiot who drove Mom nuts) and check on the Sympatico rate. It's so low I think I misunderstood).

Have not had this much energy in years. Didn't want to relax this weekend (like I usually do), but if someone brags to me tomorrow about doing that, I'm going to hurt them.

Somebody stop me!!!



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