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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Hi world! Well, it was another 'still awake at 4' night here at Bridg's house last night/morning. Thence I discovered (a) there is not much interesting on tv at that hour (b) I didn't have anything fun to eat either (c) there isn't much point to being awake at that hour!

Finally did sleep, and woke up at noon. On general principles, went out and got my Mom some stuff that she needs at the one good store in town that handles stuff for everyday living for seniors (a Shoppers' Drug Mart in Westgate). Got her a long handled shoe horn, a funny-shaped but very useful back washer, and a back scratcher. Also discovered a battery-powered chair that raises and lowers you into the bathtub! This may sound silly, but at $1500, it is cheaper than installing a new sit-down bathtub. Mom loves baths. Right now all she can do is sit in a chair and take an assisted shower once a week, and she needs one more frequently than once a week. Isn't this great? I think so! Mom did too. Am very happy with this discovery. Also bought a light box for me. Both Mom and I are light sensitive, and it sure can't hurt to have more light. It was $249.

Then, since my Bro gave me a Chapters gift certificate, went there next. Spent way more than the certificate was worth on books on menopause, bipolarism, insults (of course, this IS Bridg you know!), the latest Dilbert on vague objectives, and a copy of the most recent Harry Potter DVD.

Then went to Sobey's and rectified the lack of fun stuff to eat situation. Got cheese. I know that's bad for cholesterol/heart, but it's great for sleeping. Cheese has lots of tryptophan (sleep-causing stuff) in it. Got bread too. For some reason it makes me sleepy. And rumballs, for no reason other than I like them and was being generally naughty. Then called psychiatrist, advised her of last night's non-sleep. I have another appointment there tomorrow, in the meantime have to take two of the whateveritis that she gave me (double the dose). Will join Mom and Bro late in the stairlift interviews.

Guess that was retail therapy. And I still have gift certificates from Christmas at another store to use up. OMG also got certificates for the same store for my birthday too. OK have to go there soon.

It's just sinking in that this is not a minor thing. Am not happy about it but am relieved that it's more or less under control and that I don't have as extreme a case as my late dad did (or that my ex bf did). Am also glad that I have not passed this on to a new generation. Still think it sucks but am lucky on balance.

No wonder there are people on the street. I'm fortunate enough to have a family that made me get a formal education and (consequently) a good job. Not everyone is in that boat. There is so little that separates us all....Thank you one and all!

Hugs and love to all, Bridg


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