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Monday, April 10, 2006

Longest Night (Day) Of The Year

Well, world, it wasn't that bad, really!!! But man, I live to retire. I'd be SUCH a great bum!!! I'm good at doing nothing.

M thinks I"m crazy. Pointed out that I always work when I'm off. Yahhh but.... it's different when it's YOUR stuff. The troops, bless their hearts, didn't want me to come in and find my office had turned into a warehouse of (new) furniture, so they unwrapped my new stuff and arranged it for me. Aren't they the best? T bird and A did it for me, and they don't really work with me anymore! I love them both!!!

T bird dropped by and explained that she had applied for the job she now has a long long time ago, and that she really likes working with me. I said it was mutual, and if she doesn't like the new job to come right back. She grinned. Have to admit I missed these guys while I was off. Marc dropped by too to chat. They are the greatest. Didn't recognize the office when I walked into it--it looks DECENT now. Actually shouted 'what the F___!' when I opened the door this a.m. and the lady across the hall laughed. It WAS funny. I don't usually yell, and don't usually say stuff like that.

Then spent a lot of time answering e mails with messages like 'who are you and why did you sent me this?'. That was fun. Can't say that the people who got those messages saw the humor in it but what the heck. M was amused by it, and that counts.

OK Poppy Cede, here is where I prove I'm an idiot.

I am in the job I'm in temporarily on a two year assignment. In the paperwork that got me here, M's boss committed to hire me on a permanent basis to my old boss (Mr. B, pond scum). I'm paid very well, because I used to be a lot more senior than I am now. Decided that I did not like it and demoted myself through a loophole that doesn't exist anymore. There are a few ways that I could be staffed--fast or slow. Bear in mind that there remains one year and five months to do this in. M is permanent mainly because I asked M's boss to do that. M has been in his job three months. I've been here seven. I didn't care about being permanent. Until now. Something is in the air. I can't explain it, but I'm very good at sensing these things. Really good. Every time I pick up on this, very bad things happen. Every. Single. Time. Since 1980. Asking M to staff me now means a $6K cut. I don't care. Insisted that he do it. Now. He agreed. Hope he succeeds. He has three days to start it. Then he's on holidays for two weeks.

It isn't every day your senior staff asks for a $6K cut.

Oh well. Onto other news.

I found out that I only owe $339 in taxes, fines and interest for 2004 and am getting back money for 2005. Cool. No jail.

I really like that accountant. Will definitely never do my own taxes again. She is neat! Funny too. She left a message for me at work--'good news! We're not going to jail, at least not this year!'.

Am also getting a security system installed. Found out that someone broke into the house across the street while the people AND THEIR DOGS were at home. We all live in townhouses and it was a townhouse that was burglarized. In the daytime. That is high density housing. The burglars must have been stoned out of their minds.


Wonder if the dogs were stoned??? What kind of idiot breaks into houses with dogs??? In broad daylight??? This isn't a high crime area!

I'm scared for my cat!! They can take what they want, just leave Smokey alone!!!

Not that there's anything to steal, unless treadmills are worth stealing (rolling on floor laughing)...

Night world!!

Bridg (hiding under the bed)


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