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Sunday, April 02, 2006


We be jammin!

Hi world!

No it's not like I've caught up on sleep yet but did get one entire hour napping in the sun with the Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe with me, bless her furry purring heart! From 2:00 until almost 3:00 today. Felt great.

However the old eyes are burning. But I digress. Am trying out tshsmom's approach with magnesium and will let you know how it works out.

Also did some other ancient remedies--shopping and eating out. Mom and I went to an old fave restaurant (Jack Astor's) and both of us had margueritas or however you spell that. The alcohol should help a bit. Plus we left stuffed and that doesn't hurt either. The 'shopping' was at Canadian Tire. Not exactly glamorous but hey I needed stuff, mostly spring-cleaning ish. And so did the rest of Ottawa, apparently. No biggie. Was worried about driving with less than 8 hours sleep in 48, but it worked out OK. Also left a message for my doctor re the insomnia.

It was gorgeous here again. Sunny bright and warm. Was sort of nice being up at dawn, not that it's going to be a habit. There's a park behind my yard and across the street from Mom's place. Birds everywhere. Lots of them, which is very cool early in the morning or at sunset. Sigh.

Not much else to report. Hopefully tomorrow will be sleeping in ;)

Hugs, world!


p.s. jokes coming!!


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