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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Heigh Ho Heigh Ho It's Off To Work I (groan) Go

Just a quickie, world since it's 7:59. Didn't take Advil with the witch's brew of stuff I now 'normally' take. So far I'm my so-called normal self. Am calm, cool, collected and as usual, a smart alek.

So things are as normal as they ever are with Bridg. I think this is good news. Still have the gp appointment today and am still going to give the shrink a hard time about those meds. Am bringing all my meds with me to the gp and needed an entire cloth grocery bag to do it (ick ew) but hey. Did get a good night's sleep. It's raining here but it's a four day weekend yippee!!!

And they're installing the security system tonight YIPPEEE again.

And I have to pay for it every month :( Oh welll.........

Have a great day world. If you play, happy HNT.

I don't and damn are you guys lucky :)) !!!!!

Love y'all, Bridg


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