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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Can't Smile Without You

Well world what I really feel like right now is Dead Skunk In The Middle of the Road! Have been working my tail off since 6:13 this a.m. when The Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe got me up. Actually I think I snored myself awake but she jumped up and started purring very loudly in my ear and that did it. Sorry, snoring isn't very ummm ladylike but it's probably due to allergies/heart stuff. It'll go away.

Have been working since then. No joke. Won't bore you with the details, but STILL have not finished everything I have to do to get this place cleaned up and that doesn't include the M. Maids either.

Have a weird allergy to clay (the stuff they put in make-up and cat litter). The room in which this computer is located is also where Miss Smokey's litter box is situated, and this morning I broke out in hives so severe (while I was on the computer) that I wound up vacuuming anyway. So the M Maids don't have to do this room lol. The hives are still there (and gross, bleeding YUK). It's a hell of an allergy. Once, played tennis (in The Dark Ages when was married) with Bro and his wife and Da Ex. We were in one of those bubble dome-y tennis courts. Bro took one look at me and said "get out of here". We hadn't been on the court 5 minutes, no kidding. Had hives under hair, all over body including soles of feet. EWWWWW. The courts were red clay. Then Bridg began to get a bit of a clue.....about clay anyhow.

Did I mention spending all day hier gardening (after getting hair done to hide white roots) or doing 7 loads of laundry today? Guess I am a slob. Well, no really, think that between being down to a staff of 2 instead of 15 at work for two weeks, burning out, plus the heart/broken arm/no sleep-bipolar stuff, have no energy to deal with much once I get home. And now that am on the right meds, am getting sleep, eating better...then kinda threw myself a curve with GI but hell it's worth it. And the house is really looking nice!!! The cat is very confused tho (serves her right getting me up that early, the beast).

Hey come to think of it, if I haven't bored you all to tears by this point, I have a big serious question for y'all: do any of you have opposite-sex platonic but important (never were never will be physically intimate) friends? Just realized that I have four: M (OK I think he's gorgeous but it's never ever going physical it would be just too sick), Jery, Ray (never mentioned him before but will someday) and now GI. Not that GI have been in touch for a long long time but he's important. Have one or two very key female pals too (Peggy you darling I mean you most of all). These aren't folks you ncessarily see every day, maybe not for years (esp. in GI and Ray's cases) but that doesn't mean they aren't special anyhow. Know what I mean or am I blithering here? Anyhow would appreciate hearing.

We moved around a HECK of a lot growing up so pals mean a lot. Well they do anyway but especially so to me anyway. And of course you guys are included in there so MWAH.

OK enough blithering. Time to take meds, take out trash and (sigh) put laundry into dryer.

Night world, hope your Sunday was as lovely as it was here...love ya!!



  • At 4/30/2006 10:51:00 PM, Blogger DrinkJack said…

    I have had very few close relationships, platonic or not, so I have no advice on that one. Closest I have is my ex-wife. Come to think about it, that last two years was fairly platonic (lol, sad, but funny)

  • At 5/01/2006 05:42:00 AM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    DMJ that isn't sad! From experience and my friends', it takes 1-5 years to recover from divorce. Some people date like crazy (the I"ll show him/her thing) but others react like you do.

    Think your way is a lot smarter. Seriously smarter. And being friends with the ex is really impressive. My last few years with ex were platonic too and guess that played a role in becoming exes. Maybe that's more common than we know?




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