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Friday, March 10, 2006

When You're Hot, You're Hot!

Hey world, that title does NOT refer to looks lol!!! Just the song!!

Well, world, it was a slow week. Now it's getting warmer here---between 5 and 9 degrees which for O town is warming up. Hard to get out of bed this week too, some sunny days, more lately cloudy. Rained today I think, grass is beginning to show. One of the troops (A) is in Las Vegas, another (P) is off for a few days renovating her kitchen.

Got into work late and left early the last few days, mostly due to either being dog-tired or family birthday stuff (today). Instead of the usual East Side Mario's or the Keg, I elected to go to Pizza Hut this year and everyone loved it. Picked that place (1) because I like it and (2) because they don't do birthday stuff.

Or so I thought.

Bro brought in a birthday cake and talked the staff into singing anyway (along with the whole family).


Oh well, it's only once a year and it was really funny. Got to flirt with a cute 9 year old kid too.

Now...went home afterwards, reeeeeally tired. Was just settling into watching TV and the phone rang. It's Mom's health care worker. Mom is thinking of getting a chair lift for her stairs, which she is having a LOT of trouble with lately. The health care worker felt that we might want to save that money.

The problem is bigger than the stairs but none of us knew it till tonight. She also isn't eating meals (just cookies), she's forgetting meds. Heather (the health care worker) has been helping Mom do her bills too for months. Did we know this? No. She needs bathing (showers) instead of sponge baths, and more frequently than once a week. Her memory is poor. She can't remember whether she's taken her meds and they're already in those dosette (daily little drawers) holders. And still she misses meds.

She's also lonely. She quit going out with her pals and exercising, so her world has shrunk to just us kids. Bro sees her once a week, so do I usually. Little Bro no one sees and Sis goes over when she can but it's hit and miss. That's pretty much it. Well I do call her twice a day unless I fall asleep on the couch.

This is no way to live.

I'm going to check out the seniors' residences in this town tomorrow because she wants to stay here. They probably have waiting lists, so a lot depends on how long they are. The monthly rates might be a bit much. If they are I'll sell this place. If the waiting lists are too long, we'll get some services for Mom at her house including the chair lift.

Talked to Sis about it...she's in shock and a bit of denial but is on side.

I hope I get hit by a bus before getting to this age. Our wonderful province doesn't even regulate these places. Isn't that outrageous?

Anyway, now I know what I'm doing tomorrow. Am very glad that Heather told me, just sad that things are at this point...



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