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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

OK you're REALLY old if you remember that one!

How did Wednesday treat ya, world? Here was sunny bright and went to 15 (ZS, that means warm). Cardinals were really singing their hearts out today. Most Spoiled Cat In the Universe is loving my being home. Is almost my shadow.

I have two neighbors (duh). One of them is a grandmother and a really nice person (i.e. like me. Quiet). The OTHER one is a PIA (pain in ---). She's 74, nosey and just generally needs a nice strong tranquilizer. She's (sorry to say) very 'German'. Is a fresh air/exercise fiend, very strong-and-control-minded, and doesn't understand why the entire universe doesn't do things exactly like she does. In fact she's offended by that.

This morning she rang my doorbell, twice, at 8:00 to see if I was home. I'd been up till 2 that morning (thank you menopause!) and reaaaallly didn't see anything good about being dragged out of bed that early just so she could figure out if her construction workers could use my driveway! In the past I just let them do that and ask them to move their trucks when I need to get out. So I get to the door, all bed-headed and sleepy, in my pjs. She just looked startled, said she'd get them to move the truck. All I managed to say was "Oh God!". She turned away, I shut the door and went back to bed. Managed to get back to sleep.

We chatted later, after my dentist appointment ($147 later) and grocery shopping (this time I got veggies). She apologized and I laughed. Yes I'd been rude but honestly didn't mean to be. When you're woken up from a sound sleep at that hour, you naturally think the worst.

Well, I do anyway.

Bought three different kinds of fish, but found chicken in the fridge that's been there a few days so cooked that instead. Am really trying to do healthy stuff even if I don't like it. On the other hand also picked up bottled sauces to cover the fish taste.

Ewww let's not even mention fish.

Managed to go a whole day without calling M. Did kinda get heck from the dentist, which helped. Apparently that flossing/Waterpik'ing stuff? You have to do it more than just once.

Forgot to get a splint for the arm. Am trying to keep it level, so this is a mercifully short post.

Night all!!!

Hugs, Bridg


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