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Monday, March 20, 2006

State Of The Heart

Hi world! Hope it's warmer where you are then where I am (Ottawa)....BRRRRRRRRR!!

Was not too keen on going into work today, knowing that M was still sick and that NBG was likely in a foul mood along with Evil Witch.

BOY was I wrong!

M was still sick but is much better now. NBG was reportedly in a bad mood but by the time I saw him (7 at night) he was in FINE fettle!! EW dropped by to chat, drop off some gossip/good vibes (!!!!) and T bird was super motivated today.


Need to scare up more work for the troops. There will be PLENTY in a short while, but this week it's thin on the ground. STayed late tonight because the e mail system wouldn't let me get any more mail till I got rid of the 5000 messages I already had. Literally 5000.

Picky picky picky.

Had an inspiration on Sunday--will get Mom and her buddy Jean season's tickets to our local playhouse. Will talk Sis into paying for the taxi/limo. That sure perked her up!

Not much else going on, just your typical Monday. Will post some jokes...

Hope you're safe, warm and happy world! HAPPY SPRING!!!!



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