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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


No this post isn't full of jokes, it's just the way I'm feeling tonight, world. Hope you're smiling too?

Still in a deep freeze here. Brr. But at least it was sunny. Poor birdies are singing away, hope they can stay warm.

M is still very sick but came into work today. And boy did we need him. All kinds of hell broke out and the managers were ummm let's say not making the wisest decisions/backing down about some pretty high profile stuff. He stood up and things went fine. Man the man's good. He thanked me for keeping things running while he was away. What a sweetie. Also worried about my wrist. Still hurts but what the hey.

T bird dropped in to tell me (indirectly) that she and the others, including folks in the other groups, are bored from not having enough to do. And THAT's because NBG won't let us work plan or stick even to a plan. I thanked her for that, gave her my feedback on what caused it and how to handle it, and asked her if she'd like to try drafting a work plan. We talked about how, and off she went. All motivated etc. and quite productive.

That was a really mature move on her part. Am very impressed. Hope this works out well, I think it will if we handle it properly.

Only 2 days to go till 2 weeks off yay. Scheduled to see the vet tomorrow--The Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe is acting weird these days. I think she's either running a fever or the lumps in her fur are really bothering her or both. So we'll rule out illness tomorrow. Her hairdresser appointment is next Wednesday (soonest I could get). My doctor appointment is the same day. Also confirmed the dentist. Oops just realized that the dentist is also on Wed. OK will change the dentist.

Told Mom about the theatre tickets. She and her friend are in heaven (YAY). They've been talking about doing this for years. So now they get to go. It starts on Tuesday. Sis said she'd look after the cab. I'll drive them if needed. They also serve champagne on the nights that Mom and her buddy have the ticket subscription for (pardon the grammar). Double YAY!

Nothing much else to report. M is still damn yummy, even though sick. That man could have plague and look great, not that I want him to have plague. Dena was a bit of a jerk today but only because she gets weird when she panics. M took care of the whole thing, thank Heavens.

Even the home front is smooth, except for Smokey and we're getting her looked at asap. Poor baby. She's hanging around in the basement and near heating ducts (wherever it's cool). The house is the normal temp, so I figure something might be up. Anyway will find out fast.

OK World, time to call it a night. Hope none of you missed NCIS last night?

Hugs, Bridg


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