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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Little Green Bag

Or for you younger guys, it's the music behind the gum commercial where a fellow shows up at a bus stop wearing only Speedos.

How are ya world?

It's looking and feeling like spring here (i.e. it was sunny and above zero) today. Didn't do a heck of a lot, like Jack (drinkmorejack), usually relax on Sundays and just do chores. Today that was groceries. Also went out to dinner with Mom today for the first time in about a month or slightly more.

She wound up not buying the condo that she bid on. It went to higher than her house type prices, and considering that there is a far too long front walk, uphill, and that she would have difficulty mastering the elevator, she passed on it. They haven't sold the unit yet tho.

Instead Mom's getting a chairlift put into her house, which is a great idea. Do any of you remember a series called The Governor and JJ? That show was on in the 60s, I think. The grandmother in that house had a chairlift. Come to think of it, the governor in the show used to run every morning for health. That show was ahead of its time, I guess. Anyway, the stats that I've looked at for seniors say that they usually live only 6 years after entering a nursing home, so the longer they can stay in their own homes, the better. She'd be lonely with only one neighbor per floor in that condo place. Her house neighbors are great. Well, they're friendly anyway. She's signing up for aquafit again too. Good thing, that course always did marvels for her emotionally and physically.

OK so what's up with Bridg? Nothing except M as usual (mentally of course). Lots of healthy eathing (about bleeping time), etc. I love weekends. It's the only time I get to really decompress. Not that there's a lot of bad stress at work, it's just hectic. It'll be much better without Evil Witch there. That announcement will get made tomorrow.

At our dinner on Friday, Doris told me about a special that she saw on coffee. Did you know that it's one of the most highly traded commodities in the world besides oil? And that there was a lot of slashing and burning of rainforest (e.g. in Columbia, Guatemala) to grow coffee because the idiot coffee growers thought that it grows better in the sun? It doesn't, coffee is a shade plant. The planters don't get much money, like other third world producers. The middle men are the ones making all the bucks. That's what's behind Fair Trade/Fair Price coffee. Have got to find a source in O town...since hearing about that, can't bring myself to buy the regular stuff.

There are equally bad stories about sugar. I'll save that one for another time.

Wanted to pass on other stuff I learned today about soft drinks. Turns out that the acid (usually phosphoric) found in it can weaken tooth enamel, leading to sensitive teeth (about two years ago had to start using Sensodyne. Had been drinking two litres of diet ginger ale per day) and tartar. Not only that, but the sugar in soft drinks doesn't respond well to insulin.

Am onto water now....I didn't quote from the article, but the story on soft drinks was in today's Ottawa Citizen.

Hugs, world. Hope your upcoming week is smooth sailing and warm weather....Bridg


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