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Monday, March 06, 2006

I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

Hey world! How was your Monday?

It was gorgeous outside here. Kinda warm ish (i.e. slightly above zero). A foretaste of spring.

Inside, the entire staff were on tenterhooks waiting for a 3:00 meeting with the Prez. About what? Officially we didn't know, but all suspected that it was a re-org.

Well, we found out at 3:00. It's not a re-org but a realignment (the diff is in jobs created/not cut). This is good news. We all sorta knew that a new org was being developed because of new rules for a related profession. All well and good. The group that M, I and the kids are in was to be part of it, BUT the Prez said the opposite!! Not only that, but our function was going under the leadership of a particularly abusive executive. Was I happy? HA you could have heard me in the act of having kittens/heart attacks, although I tried to keep a neutral face (the Prez sat directly across from me--close enough to strangle).

Then he left and during the discussion afterwards, it came out that we ARE part of the new org, the Prez just didn't mention it.

Heart attack over. For a few minutes I was in mourning at the thought of not working with NBG (who I dearly love working with) and in shock at the prospect of working with someone with a nasty reputation for staff abuse. Thank heavens that didn't happen, but I cringe for the poor babies who are going to be moved over there. One of them is Evil Witch's acolyte, who's on education leave at the moment. The others are A and P (or rather, their positions. We are going to keep their bodies with us). K is going over there in theory, but she is physically located in Calgary and she is acting in the job (i.e. she has a permanent job elsewhere). So she is safe too.

Holy crap, is there no end to the mean bosses? We all dodged a bullet but really, life shouldn't be this hard. Even now my heart's pounding just thinking about it.

So that was today's roller coaster. WHEW.

Had to get my driver's license sticker renewed today too. Here you can do that with machines, but the machine would not let me do it, I had to visit a bureau. Had visions of forgotten traffic tickets coming to haunt me, but it turns out that all I had to do was get a new photo.

Another 'oh oh' moment that didn't happen.

This day was way too much for this old lady!

But the good news, get to stay with NBG AND M, get to keep the kids/babies, we are ditching a responsibility that I don't like over to the other org, and I have a new license/sticker.

Can't wait for tomorrow (ha ha ha).....

Hugs, world.



  • At 3/06/2006 10:47:00 PM, Blogger DrinkJack said…

    Just got to love working in a bureaucracy. Unfortunately, I swear my company has a policy to "promote until they can't do damage". Well, that and the guaranteed firing of the bottom 10% - 15% of every group.

  • At 3/07/2006 12:33:00 PM, Blogger Avery's mom said…

    hope you have a wonderful Birthday

  • At 3/07/2006 12:57:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "Life shouldn't be this hard????"...
    LIFE?....Point A to Point B...ENJOY THE RIDE!..ain't no road map, folks! Best you can do is try to teach the people you care about and love is not to get too damn far off the highway...

  • At 3/07/2006 04:46:00 PM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    AHA! Now I find out that you guys are a bunch of body snatchers. Tsk, tsk. ;)

  • At 3/07/2006 09:10:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    DMJ, I think orgs are the same all over--Generous Motors was like this too...sigh.

    Thanks Avery's Mom!!!

    Scrunch you are right, it's the ride....

    tshsmom, body snatchers? Sure why not lol....


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