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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Just imagine M. Buble's voice tumbling out of my living room, world, as I struggle to get my flipping house key to open the darn front door! "Let me go hoooooommmmeeee....."

Don't know if I mentioned it before but it takes about 5 minutes to get in (or out) these days because none of the keys really fit the lock well. So someone is coming to fix it tomorrow. Don't remember if he's coming at 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. but I'll be there, lol. Now have a bruise on the palm of my hand from pushing the key in (it's not easy to bruise a palm....).

Hope Tuesday (NCIS nigh) was good to ya?

Didn't see M until the end of the day. Did get a HECK of a lot done, all at once too. We have one person who's less productive and seemingly less 'engaged' in her work than the others. I thought it was her problem, so we met today and after that she got working like a house afire. I WAS THE PROBLEM!!!

Hadn't paid enough attention to her. The others' projects were hot hot hot so I had to deal with them right away. Feel guilty but am making up for lost time. Holy crow. It's not like she said anything, I just noticed how much she perked up after we met and went over her projects. Yeesh Bridg. OK am on top of it now!

Everyone (including her) is doing great. M is very tired--I can tell by looking at him. We have a dinner thing planned for tomorrow, hope he feels up to it but if he's tired will go out with Mom instead. Got several birthday wishes today--sweet--including from folks at the old job. Gives you that warm feeling.

May you all be blessed with good friends and jobs! I"m so lucky...to have you guys too!




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