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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Come Go With Me

Much as I dislike 50s music, that one's OK. Hope your weather is as great as it is here, world. Got to walk around in T shirts yesterday and today feels the same. Brilliantly sunny, all the snow is finally gone from the driveway, and Bridg has been bitten by the spring cleaning bug.

Not that I"ve DONE any, just realized how cluttered and cat-hair-full this house is. Sigh. Usually I go shopping until this feeling passes. Today tho, it's 1:36 and I'm still in pjs. Ohhhhh the bliss of vacation!!

Had the most horrifying dream on Friday night (OK a nightmare) about a war taking place on U.S. soil, including the town where we used to live before moving to Canada. It was very very real. Woke up terrified and exhausted. So LAST night, had big probs getting to sleep. Remember seeing 4:00+ pass by on the clock before falling asleep. No war dreams, thank Heavens. But sure don't feel too peppy today! Looking at all the housework-to-be isn't helping!

Mom's in fine fettle. Took her to brunch yesterday (this is becoming a Saturday thing). Then to get groceries, where, I"m proud to say, we got (for her) not only frozen dinners BUT all kinds of goodies that I KNOW she'll eat (individual bits of cherry cheesecake, lemon meringue pie, etc.). OK it added up to a hefty total, $1 more than mine, but if she eats it, it's all good.

She kind of liked Kreskin (went with sis and her family) but said it could have ended an hour and a half earlier, lol. But she was out and had fun and THAT's the point.

Am missing M already. Trying not to think about it. Maybe housework (ugh) would help. Yesterday picked up all the trash flung into my place by passers-by. All the neighbors have the same problem when the snow melts. What is wrong with people? Oh well, it's a small thing.

Am going to get dressed sooner or later and grab some of this glorious weather. You can hear the cardinals singing in the back yard. Lovely!!

Happy spring, world!!



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