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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


First, world, I love you guys.

Second, 54!!!! Holy crap never thought I'd make it this far! What's next?

Had a great sorta slowish day. M asked two of the kids to look after a card/birthday stuff and they were already on it! Got cards, calls and a cake. M and I went out to the same restaurant we went to for his birthday...and ordered the same meal. I think I gained two sizes from that meal. O.U.C.H. Needed a forklift to walk (well it felt like it!). Not that we stuffed ourselves. OH I know what it was! That cake in the afternoon.

Anyway it was wonderful. Can't believe I'm this old but what the hey it beats the alternative! Glad I have you guys as blogbuddies, really honored to be working where and with whom I am...the only thing that could make life better would be to wake up a size 10 again and to have the day off.

OK that isn't gonna happen...so things are great!!!

Night world, love ya to bits!!!



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