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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wonderful World

Let's hear it for Satchmo, world!

Another week whizzed by in one day here. M and I were leaving around 7 (yah early night) trying to remember when it was that we had met with NBG and come to agreement on something. It was this morning at 11 and it felt like it had been on Monday. And BOTH of us felt that way!!

The neat thing is that 'the kids' are really opening up now and it's great to see just how much they can do and how smart they are (and I mean really smart). It's fantastic. NBG is wonderful too. There have been some pretty serious challenges lately and he's sticking to his guns backing us up. The.man.is.fantastic. Today I actually got away with one LESS task. Cool huh? I gotta take off sick more often.

Oh damn I wasn't gonna make 'sick' jokes anymore...

Love working for him, even if the pace is gonna kill us.

It's very cold outside (well OK it feels very cold. It's actually been a LOT colder)-- minus 17. Coldest it's been in a while. That means no snow which frustrates the skiiers but hey that's their problem!!!

Did you guys remember to watch NCIS last night? Forgot to remind ya'll.

Am trying to catch up with jokes, so you'll be seeing a lot more silliness here for a while. It's the time of year where you go south if you can afford it, get sick and grouchy if you can't. Since I can't, will try to cheer everyone up.

Night and hugs y'all....Bridg


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