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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Where All The Good People Go

Hi folks! Peggy came through her surgery fine and might be home tomorrow (can you believe how fast that is?). Her family planned on a Wednesday return, so who knows. They need to see the test results to know if they got it all. MAN I hope they did!!!! They're talking 'chemo light' maybe. That sounds like a 'let's make sure we got it' move. Good.

Woke up an hour late today. Slept all last night, woke up at 11, couldn't sleep, took an extra sleeping pill so that was bound to happen. Still was only 25 minutes late. Got a lot done and MAN is there a tempest (I think in a teapot) about us (me, M, NBG) dropping out of some work that is not being ethically done and doing it on our own. Big problem for others, lots of drama. Silly 5 year old stuff, easy to fix, hope M can pull it off.

Some other folks asked us for help in a way we don't usually do things (well I did it once a long time ago). We'll try it of course, T bird is working on it. Also inherited more work, and this involves the big database I know 0 about. The Prez likes it. Heaven protect me from having projects that big shots like (especially ones I'm not deep into). This is two in a row. Yikes.

Mom doing wonderfully. Sis is trying to do well, but she gets calls from work at home all the time. That's why I couldn't get hold of her last night to make sure that Mom was with her. That is insane. Another good pal, D, at work got input to her project that is so bad she's rewriting it herself. Bad bad idea. It trains the managers to continue to be bad writers, and she's spent most weekends/nights till 11 at work. It's draining her. She has the saving grace of taking a year's leave of absence soon but that is to adopt a baby--there is NO WAY that's gonna be a 'rest'!

Now I can see how I burnt out twice. Not that I"ve adopted anyone, just by the work habits.

Anyway am trying to avoid repeating history tonight. Fell asleep and just woke up. It's 12:30. Am not taking extra sleeping pills, just took the ones I usually take. And THAT has got to stop soon too.

Wasn't that swimsuit thing an eye opener? I just got it in an e mail and my jaw hit the ground. How could anyone have the guts to wear that thing?

It's a funny old world, world.

Hope that your world is safe, dry, and warm, world and that your ways are softly lit.

Hugs, Bridg


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