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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Strange Magic

And a strange weekend it was, right world?

It was frickin' cold here, so I hibernated. No grocery stuff, just took Mom to get her hair done, ran the bare essential errands and that was it. Finally got two weeks' worth of laundry done, having run out of lingerie and pjs (are pjs lingerie?) and all sorts of stuff.

Found strange little black bugs in bathroom, figured that they'd dropped in from the attic, until I found one on the newly-drycleaned comforter. They came from the dry cleaners!!! (sounds like a cheap horror flick, right?). EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. There appear to be no more of them thank heavens. Ick and ew.

Didn't go to Mom's, and that feels weird. She was out looking at condos with Sis (I declined to be up for a 10:00 appointment on one of the two days that I have to sleep in). They found what sounds like a great one, but Mom has to make up her mind about whether or not to move. She usually takes a long time to decide such things. Before she sold the house that she and my late dad shared in the country she waited three years. Three years of cutting three acres worth of grass on my own I might add. No I didn't live there, just drove out there all the time to do the @#$% grass. So...who knows.

The driveway people came over and removed the iceberg from the end of my driveway. Everytime it snows I have to call them--whoever does my drive ignores it. At least now the car doesn't scrape over the ice (and I don't have to take a 'running start' to get in to the driveway). Tried to do it myself but it was pure ice. Hard and heavy.

So all in all this was a very domestic weekend. Tomorrow I have five meetings and a doctor's appointment. MAN that kind of day just makes you want to jump out of bed, right (ha ha ha)? Well, there is the added benefit of being around M.

That's right, she's back to THAT again. He was on my mind constantly. Have no idea why. Here we were doing so well with this pals thing. Well we still are. It's just my mind that slips every once in a while and this weekend was one of them. He said something about a mid life crisis (out of what felt like no where) and was wearing that damn green outfit again. Think that might have helped. Plus staying in all weekend.

Once in a very long while, I feel lost, world. This weekend was one of them. Will find myself soon enough, it's OK. Just a wrinkle in the universe.

Hope wherever you are that you're dry, warm and happy!



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