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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Someone Exactly Like You

Hey world, Bridget Jones' Diary was on TV tonight, although the rest of the world is prob watching Olympics. That's my life too, without the gorgeous guys, cute bod (BJ) and music. Heh heh heh.

Took Mom out grocery shopping. Both of us had missed doing that for a few weeks. My bill was unbelievable. But hey it got done. First tho, we went to one of those breakfast places that closes mid-afternoon and specializes in fruit/waffles. MAN that was wonderful. Most of the tables in this place are window-side, so we had a great view of a gorgeous (but very cold) day. Lovely. Got all kinds of errands done. Even did cooking/freezing, but not all of the cooking that I'd intended to do. Sat down to rest after got back home, and the next thing I knew it was 8 pm.

My aunt (Mom's sis) had heart trouble first among all of us (well, except Bro). She takes naps in the afternoon. Never realized or understood why she did that until I wound up in the same boat. Feels stupid at this age to be doing that but hey.

Talked to Peggy, she sounded GREAT. Is getting tons of phone calls because everyone loves her. They won't have the tissue results for three weeks, but it is treatable and that's what she and her hubby (and pals of course) are pinning their hopes on. Told her that all of you guys were wishing her well too. Thanks on her behalf. Her mom is staying with them looking after the kiddies, and Peg herself sounded in very good spirits. Thank you God.

Have been having MANY probs with my computer these days, caused mostly by Norton AntiVirus. This.is.driving.me.nuts. Bear with me please....

OK time for sleep. Hope your weekends are going great and your days are sunny.....Bridg


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