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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Nena Nana

Let's hear it from the Feliciano fans out there, world! And how are you all tonight?

Today was yet another rollercoaster ride from one thing to another but it all worked, people are quite happy, and stuff's getting done. Somehow. And yet, we pick up more and more work every day. And believe it or not, there is a woman in our group who works much much harder than I do--she's in on weekends and every night till 10-11. Can't figure out if it's because she's taking a year's leave in April (guilt) or if this is her normal thing.

One of the guys at work decided that M looks like Henry Winkler (as he currently is). The guy cut out a pic of Henry and stuck it on M's nameplate. Since the office/nameplate is on a main corridor, EVERYONE saw it. Man the laughing, rude remarks and suggestions!!!! Hilarious!! (sit on it, heeeeeey, see ya in the office). Cool. Definitely cool.

A new person is coming to work with our group from out west and she sounds like us. I called her to welcome her (she arrives on Feb. 12). She has the same superstitions that I do, same sense of humor, nice personality, can't wait till she gets here! Oh yah there are 2 MORE people coming but we also inherited two major functions that they get to do. Am really hoping to get Scott to come over too. He's such a sweetie and we definitely need someone with his skill. M is going to call him tomorrow a.m. (or I will strangle him).

Marc is turning into quite the star. Everything he does is great, and he's very realistic about what the success is due to ("it could just as easily NOT worked, the guys were just happy to ......"). Really neat to see that combination of energy, talent and modesty/realism. T bird has it too. The other two ladies who have recently joined us, A and P (no really those are their initials) will be in the same league soon.

Ya know that Shania Twain song "Man, I Feel Like A Woman!". WEll, in my case it's "Man! I Feel Like A Momma!"

Speaking of mommas,Mom is happy, I am feeling much better (think cold's finally breaking up), M is looking a bit better but he's finding it physically hard doing a new job and playing hockey 3 times a week (at 10-11 at night, I might add). Tonight we left at 7. Became 6 before I knew it, and we yacked for another hour. Sheesh. But it's a way to unwind. Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe was starving to death (HA!) by the time I got home. She is now nagging me very vocally to get off of the computer. Nag.

Have noticed that the arthritis pain is going away from all the walking that I have to do at work.Hmm. Might be something to this exercise crap after all.....

Gotta eat, I'm starving. Have a most excellent night, folks!!!

Hugs, Bridg


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