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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hands Up

Hola world, how goes it? As you can see from the title we are carrying on with the 'beachtime' thingie. Have been playing this song over and over in my car. Sounds dumb unless you've heard this with the volume waaaaay up. Not too bad.

But the snow's still there. Oh well, it did get to 0 degrees today so will keep playing the damn song until the snow goes away. Think it'll work?

Ever hopeful!

Woke up in a not so great mood. This is odd, I am ALWAYS in a good mood. A bad one is like a once every few years event. But knew that the troops were worried about me yesterday and I promised to haul my butt in there so....showed up (late) for work. But showed up.

And was SO rewarded! Greeted by K, who had stayed at work till 1:30 a.m. working (no I didn't know that she was going to do that) AND who came in at 8:00 today anyway (and SHE's worried about ME?). She didn't want to 'get into trouble' by taking the morning off. "A" let her know that there's no such thing in this group and of course I would OK her sleeping in (which I reinforced and thank heaven she went home early). Then got a really cute e mail from another of the gang who sent around a great series of pics of a mom dog who adopted a baby squirrel at the same time that she delivered puppies with predictable results. The pics, which I will post later, are adorable. You can't help but melt when you see them.

OK mood thingie instantly resolved. Now cheerful, happy to be there and so in love with those guys I work with. Actually got stuff done and OK'd but will be damned if I can remember what we did. M was very happy too. He/We finally figured out how to get NBG comfortable with our proposals--we shop the ideas around first and get a feel (for him to know about) whether folks support it or not--THEN talk to him about the ideas. Ta da! And it worked today too. So M is happy, I am relieved that M is happy, NBG is more comfortable with M...love and kisses all around.

Heh I wish.

Know what it's like when you catch the glance of someone you're nuts about, they catch your eye and hold the glance? That happened with M and me today during a meeting. Melt. But I digress. Also had a shrink appointment (once every three months). Passed with flying colors and am not taking sleeping meds anymore. Do use over the counter stuff, but it's been OK (no strong prescription stuff) since last Thursday. This is terrific news.

Went to see the condo Mom's interested in tonight. It is great. She was foggy mentally tonight which scared me. Took her forever to get up the ramp into the place, couldn't remember how to get there--the usual seniors' stuff. But the place is great. Bro of course thinks that she isn't downsizing and that this is bad. That is, "You're a widow, Mom, you should be living in a rented room somewhere." The bozo. Sis and I like the place, Mom does and I think it'd be great for her. But it's her decision.

The passive agressive woman is leaving tomorrow. The last of Evil Witch's acolytes (there were two of them). This one has tried to set me up many times, chiefly by not telling me about things that I need to approve (didn't know that they were pending). Fortunately everyone ELSE told me and we've been fixing them one at a time. Actually went out and got her a farewell present and cake for tomorrow.


Because K wants to, A thinks it'd be a good idea, and M doesn't want us sinking to passive-agressive's level of unprofessional. Classy bunch, aren't they? Can't help but love them. And soooo glad to see the end of this one. The present I got? A bunch of little kits for a new job: Office Voodoo, Spying On Your Co-Workers, 92 Things Every Woman Must Do In Her Life, etc. (actually that first one is a biggie). Total cost $52 and it's worth it. She doesn't have much of a sense of humor but we do, and it's appropriate for someone changing jobs. Have no idea what she likes/doesn't like, and no one else knows this woman much either. Her choice (she doesn't socialize with others. This isn't an introvert thing, it's a 'don't wanna mix with you guys' thing. Ewww).

Got to see M discussing computer systems with a fellow 'geek' type in French today (the other guy's from Quebec). It was the second day in a row that I was in on this type of discussion with those two guys and it was cool. Nice to see him so completely at ease. The other guy was cool too.

Did you guys notice that there were back to back NCIS episodes tonight? AND CSI afterwards?

Oh what a night (oops that's another song)....

Night all...think beach!!



  • At 2/21/2006 10:50:00 PM, Blogger Wandering Coyote said…

    Glad to hear you're off the sleeping meds. I hope one day to be off mine to and actually get some resolution to this sleep issue I've had for years now.

    And getting a cake for an unpopular is so totally classy! Aren't you lucky to be working with such a crowd.

  • At 2/21/2006 11:36:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    WC, hoping the luck holds for you. Wonder if it's that 'time of life' thing? Am surprised that mine blew off that fast but hey....

    Isn't that cool about the girls wanting to do the cake thing? MAN I am so damn lucky.....they're unbelievable.

  • At 2/22/2006 05:07:00 PM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    The cake idea was sweet. I don't know if I could be that nice.

  • At 2/22/2006 09:24:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Tshsmom, was plenty torn about it, but guess it never hurts to do things for the rest of the staff (like going to a wake--it's for the others that you go).

    Went off well too...


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