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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Feel Like A Number

Hey world hope you're doing fine? Heading into the weekend yahoo...

It was 4 degrees here and raining. This weather must be confusing the hell out of plants and wild animals. Oh well.

Sis is much better. They gave her Tylenol with codene and the sinus infection is better. Headaches aren't. Her idiot boss called her at home because one of Sis' employees is leaving. That definitely didn't help matters. But she's handling it well. They arranged a CT scan (for Sis) for Friday a.m. YAY. Mom still doing very well, thank heavens. Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe is complaining up a storm. No reason other than I'm on the computer. It's driving me nutty (Ok nuttier).

Work was great except NBG is driving us all nuts. He micromanages something fierce and is going out of town soon (so the volume's turned up). It's done with the best intentions in the world, and we can manage it most days, but today it bothered M, me and S (the big tall good guy) all at the same time, so he must have been particularly bad. Anyway we survived, got good work done and the troops are happy (we shield them from this stuff). A and K are the funniest and funnest team I"ve worked with in a long time. They get along so damn well and their personalities are not quite the same but mesh so well. It's lovely to see and be around. People have been complaining up a storm about the person who's leaving (Ice Queen's acolyte). She goes on Wednesday. Yay.

M is still tired these days but things are going well for him too. I'm very glad he's here, we make a really good pair managerially and as pals. Everyone likes him which is a relief and great. It's making the Evil Witch annoyed but that's even MORE fun. We don't even call her by name anymore. We just put our hands out to the side, about 4 feet from the floor (she's short) instead of mentioning the name. I know that's mean but she's always prowling around the hallways and listens at doors, so it's safer. Arranged for a beer night with Pauly, S (the smart/cute/Keanu Reeves-type guy from old office) and Marc next Friday. Cannot wait!

OK gotta go quiet down the cat, clean out the freezer and eat. Happy Wednesday world, it's all downhill to the weekend from here!!




  • At 2/16/2006 01:25:00 PM, Blogger Wandering Coyote said…

    I saw on the news that your weather is about to change drastically. What a weird winter it's been! I hope spring comes to you soon, Bridg!

  • At 2/16/2006 08:08:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    WC you are so thoughtful! Yes it's terrible here today and is supposed to be worse tomorrow.

    spring can't get here soon enough!!

    It went to 6 in B.C.? And -40 something east of you with the wind...yikes.

    You're in a great place, weather-wise! Happy for you!!



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