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Friday, February 17, 2006

Bad Moon Rising

"Looks like we're in for nasty weather...."

MAN are we ever. It never got to the 4 degrees we heard about. With the wind it felt more like
-30. Outside of Arnprior (town to the west of Ottawa) there was a 30 car pile-up. To the east near Embrun there was a 60-80 car pile-up before 4:00 today with 8 killed. And tonight it's going to be colder, so everything that melted in the sun today is going to freeze on top of the black ice created by the car exhaust.


Oh well so much for our dinner out, guess it'll wait till next week.

Finished half of what we needed to do today but at least it's over for the weekend. The woman who's leaving is passive-aggressive on top of being a pawn of Evil Witch, so I had a rough few hours. Somehow managed to be calm, professional and not snap but at times it was trying. M asked how he could help and I said for HIM to go in there. So he came in and joked/flirted a bit. It helped! Thank heaven this one's leaving. K, the one coming in, is a darling. Would love 10 more of her!!

Not much else to talk about except the flippin' weather, which IS remarkable. So will go off, eat and crank up the heat.

Happy Friday everyone! Stay safe and warm...Bridg

p.s. M wore that green sweater/pants thing today. Suits him to a T and he is so gorgeous. Sigh. Too bad I'm so stuck into my work but glad we're working together.


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