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Friday, January 27, 2006

You Crack Me Up

Hola world! Hope you're feeling better than I am tonight! It looked like great weather all week (sunny, clear) but I was inside on the couch with Kleenex et al including tonight. Went to a local clinic and found out that I was right about the UTI (and it's a bad thing to wait 2 weeks to see a doctor about those) and that I have a cold so far (as the dr. put it).

Don't remember EVER taking as many meds at one time as I am now. The real issue is the high blood pressure. Can't take decongestants with that because apparently they raise bp pretty high. Was tempted to do it anyway until I saw the doc today.

Nothing much else going on here, just a lot of sleeping and TV (hey no eating either, things are fitting loser!). Hope this doesn't graduate into something worse, I'm still new on the job.

Oh speaking of that, M called today (or rather, he returned my call). Pretended to be Mr. B at first when I picked up the phone, then gave up saying "it's pretty hard to sound like an asshole" ---hence the title of tonight's post.

Mom's doing fine (i.e. hasn't caught this cold/virus) and the kids at work are doing great too. Gee wonder what a week on a beach somewhere would do to this thing? Yah, that's the cure! Wonder if OHIP (provincial med plan) would pay for it? Nahhhhh..

Hope to catch up with you later...am downing orange juice by the gallon (thanks GWB and tshsmom for the advice).

Hugs (from a safe distance), Bridg


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