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Monday, January 09, 2006

When We Dance

Hi world, sorry for the repeat on the post title but am obsessed with that song! Can't get enough of it. Hope all is well with you?

It snowed buckets overnight. Which led to very slow traffic. Fortunately I had (ta DA!) a good night's sleep, woke up on time, left on time (early) and was only 15 minutes late. Took 1.25 hours to do a 20 minute trip. But with Sting blasting, who cared? Not me.

Until I came home to an unplowed laneway. THAT I care about For $325 a season, Tony's F'ing Snowplowing could manage to get me plowed in 12 hours. Had to call and remind them for the second time this season to do my driveway. Fortunately the lady who handles the phones, Diane, is the sweetest soul on earth.

Work went fantastically!!! Got lots done, the troops are well, enthusiastic and plowing ahead. I so love those guys (the ones I don't work with too except Evil Witch (EW) and Ice Queen--who works for EW). EW was in my office twice today about my presentation--with nothing much to say except that the work that Ice Queen was supposed to do (and didn't) wasn't her fault. Then she scrambled to get it done. I'm sure it will be done upside down and backwards but who cares? I won't need it anyway.

NBL was not in today, as predicted. We had no where for her to sit anyway. NBG was in, his usual charming, brainy self. Got everything he asked me to do done by end of day.

Picked up food for Mom's cat (she hasn't asked but will) and for the Most Spoiled Cat In the Universe. Can you imagine Seafood And Tomato Bisque cat food? Man these two have it made.

M was his usual gorgeous, smart self. Caught him giving me the eye several times today. Hmm. He left early too.

Have back-to-back meetings (10:00-4:00) tomorrow which should go OK. M's at all of them. Am determined to get at least some of the house stuff done tonight. Actually I have to, can't fit any more clothes into the hamper.

I take a fair number of herbs, including some that cause (head) hair growth. No I'm not kidding. It costs $64 a bottle but works very well, everyone notices the results. Why do I take it? Because a lot of the heart stuff I take causes hair loss, as I was horrified to find out plus dying it wreaks havoc with hair also. Had to get more tonight so got to visit with someone who's got to be the nicest shop keeper around. Unfortunately, before that got ignored at the (real) drugstore until I asked if I should come back. They ignored me for 7 minutes straight (I timed them, and there were 2 of them and no one else waiting originally).

So all in all a balanced day. Bell for some reason needs 10-15 days to switch Mom's phone. Thank God she has the cell. Thank God she's OK health wise.

Is this any way to run an airline? Holy crabfish!

Have a lovely evening, world! It's supposed to snow here all week.

California dreamin'.......lol!


p.s. teee heeee heee am rolling on floor laughing. The snowplow got stuck in the snow in my driveway!!!!!!!


  • At 1/09/2006 08:23:00 PM, Blogger Kris said…

    Please send the good sleep, but not the snow! our way. ;)

  • At 1/09/2006 08:26:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    You got it Kris!!! I think all the snow in the universe is in my driveway :))

    Hope your insomnia goes away soon. It's horrible...


  • At 1/09/2006 08:27:00 PM, Blogger .: raven :. said…

    what is the herb for hair loss? i was taking extra zinc and selenium but didn't reallly work.

    i wish it was snowing here ..... omg it's been in the upper 60s. ridiculous for january in colorado. dam global warming!!!

  • At 1/09/2006 08:38:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Hi Raven, it's called Bio-Fenn. It has (am sure to spell this wrong) foenagreek in it. It is a real mixture of stuff, wouldn't try to make it myself because of the proportions. In a lot of herbs/supplements, what causes hair growth at one dose level will have the reverse effect at a higher level. The shop keeper told me that her mother used to grind up (Oh damn the spelling, this is how it sounds) fenogreek, put it in water and pour the water over her head. Her hair is wonderful too.

    I'd watch the selenium. That's one you can make hair fall out with too. Have tried alllll kinds of herbs/vitamins. The only one that worked was this bio-fenn stuff. Here's an ad link on it http://www.cdnf.com/fixed-pages/cdnf-biofen-info.htm

    There's a shampoo/conditioner but I wouldn't do it. Hair is dead stuff like nails, the only way to make it better is from the inside...Bridg

  • At 1/09/2006 08:38:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    p.s. will trade our temps for 60 anyday!!

  • At 1/09/2006 09:48:00 PM, Blogger DrinkJack said…

    Odd, I miss the snow. I wish I could have seen the plow dude struggle in your drive way. So glad you got some rest to recharge them batteries.

  • At 1/10/2006 12:53:00 AM, Blogger The Zombieslayer said…

    Can you imagine Seafood And Tomato Bisque cat food?

    I want some of that myself. ;)

    As for the hair growth, I could use a potion of that.

    Oh, by the way, California's gorgeous now. I had to take my jacket off because it was warm. You need to come down and visit.

  • At 1/10/2006 01:03:00 AM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    DMJ I didn't dare show my face when it was going on. I was laughing WAY too hard!!! Ty for the support, it means a lot to me. I'll send you some snow... and yes sleep is terrific!!

    ZS, you tease!! Wouldn't I love to visit Calif. now!! Have never been there....


  • At 1/10/2006 06:05:00 AM, Blogger Heather said…

    You should ring that pharmacy and tell the manager what happened. If they aren't helpful (or if it was the manager who did it) then get the head office number and get them in trouble.

    And seafood and tomato bisque cat food?!

    Our cat's fed dog food.

  • At 1/10/2006 12:08:00 PM, Blogger Casually Me said…

    You live in Canada. Don't you guys get snow fron October til Juune? You should expect bad weather and thank God when you get something resembling a good day. LOL.

  • At 1/10/2006 09:41:00 PM, Blogger saby said…

    dis world is all fucked up
    it snowed in Dehi temp 0.2 Celsius

    i tot global warming wud make the world hotter

  • At 1/10/2006 10:26:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Heather, that is a good idea. Will do that on the weekend (am kinda under fire right now or it seems like it). Cat gets dog food? and likes it? Kewl.

    CM, the place I live in is called Ottawa, but I live in permanant denial. I think I"m really in Bermuda.


    Saby, could not agree more. We want global warming in O town. Big time.


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