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Sunday, January 22, 2006

So They Say

So They Say
Soul Attorneys
Courtesy of: http://www.lyricsdownload.com/soul-attorneys-so-they-say-lyrics.html

So they say that you can't make it. So they say, so they say
But I say that they mistake it. But I say, but I say
And the whole world seems to be leaning on you
And you tell me you don't know what to do
They don't know what I know. They don't know what I know.

Wanting to come out is the world you hold inside
Afraid they are for the world outside you will divide
For they don't know what I know, they don't know what I know
So I pray that you can make it
So I pray, so I pray
And your mind they'll try to break it
No later than today
You let them and soon you will be on trial
Give them and inch, yes they'll steal the mile
For they haven't flown where we've flown
You know the road I speak of and the road that lies ahead
Don't give up, don't give up they all must be misled
For they haven't flown where we've flown,
no they haven't flown wherewe've flown


And the game they'll think you've played it
Their foolish way, their foolish way
But I'm tellin' you soon they'll see you've made it
And your game is what they'll play

Hola world, how goes it? Had a billion things to do myself, having been snowed in for the last 1.5 days. Did fit in dinner with Mom, who is looking frailer and older every day. I know that she doesn't want to be older than 80 or so but she's my Mom!!! Am not ready for a world that doesn't have her in it. She's my best friend, and my mom. Tonight I had the feeling that my father was in the room with us, telling me he was there to bring her home. I argued with him in my head that he had her for a long time and now it's our time. His response was that she has a (after) life to live.

Yikes. Have I been watching too much Ghost Whisperer or what? But it was a very real feeling. I delivered food for her cat and the same kind of boots that I showed you in an earlier post (the ones with truck-like treads). She decided they'd make great indoor slippers!!! The doctors told her not to wear slippers anymore (not enough foot support, which these things have in spades). Hmmmm.

Had several (for the first time) hot flashes in the last few days because I'd run out of my herbal stuff days ago and hadn't had a chance to stock up. NOT fun. So got two bottles of everything today. Had read that the antianxiety thing I take, Paxil, prevents hot flashes. Not quite. You need the herbal stuff too. Remember being very ticked off when I was 12, had my first lets-not-go-there, and my mom informed me that boys didn't get anything that corresponded. And it continues into old age!!!

Ah well such is life. Have any of you been following the ads for the Canadian Prime Minister election going on up here? Some were on the NBC Nightly News tonight. There are a lot of things that P. Martin can't say. Like his former boss was likely the main character involved in the boondoggles referred to (couldn't have been Paul, he wasn't PM). Like he's done more to clean up that situation that his former boss (the last PM) would have or did do, and he was WELL aware of it before retiring. OA few more things I've got to get off my chest:

1-Saying that you're not P.Martin/Liberal is hardly saying who you or or what you plan to do,
Mr. Harper. Your ads arguing for change may as well be talking about underwear. They
contain no ideas, no vision, just "I'm not them". Big flippin deal. I'm not either. Maybe I
should campaign if that's all that's needed?

2. What's the big idea bringing in B. Muldoon's advisors and Tories from the failed Common
Sense Revolution (Mike Harris) goon squad? Trying to learn from failure? Repeat the
excesses and arrogance of the past? This doesn't bode well for any government that, Heavens
fofend, you may wind up forming.

Paul Martin never got the chance to govern. And I'm damn sure that you don't have a clue how to if you're taking advice from the two biggest failures in recent conservative history.

God help us all on Monday.

and Paul, fire you advisors. They're high school kids and just not up to the sharks who are in the water now....


Sorry for the politics folks. It won't happen again.


  • At 1/23/2006 01:26:00 AM, Blogger Wandering Coyote said…

    Nice political rant there, Bridg. How short our memories seem to be, especially with politics. Muldooney was a disaster and I'm just as afraid of a Con win as a Lib win. The thing we all need to understand is that all goverments are exactly the same because all governments are made up of human beings who are fallible. No party will be perfect and no one is immune from idiots making bad decisions, whether they're Con, Lib, NDP, Marijuana whatever. So, vote values. Rant over. Thanks.

  • At 1/23/2006 03:15:00 PM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    Politicians today don't want to deal with REAL issues! That would mean they'd actually have to DO SOMETHING, about the issues.

  • At 1/23/2006 05:57:00 PM, Blogger Avery's mom said…

    yeah, you lost me a bit with the prime minister talk
    but God bless you for talking with your pops about your mom. sometimes, we have to prepare ourselves for loss. its the sad cycle of life. just do what you can and enjoy the time you do have.

  • At 1/23/2006 06:26:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    WC, tshsmom and Avery's mom, guess I lost most folks with the political stuff huh? Oh well no prob. It's only a big deal (to me) once in a while. Got a good joke about it today....Tshsmom, especially agree with you. We need government, we get politics.

  • At 1/23/2006 11:32:00 PM, Blogger The Zombieslayer said…

    Please do it again. I'm completely ignorant about Canadian politics. I know American politics and Mexican politics, but not Canadian politics. All I know about Canadian politics is your money is quickly catching up to ours, because our current Administration probably got F's in Economics in high school.

  • At 1/29/2006 06:00:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    ZS Canadian politics is pretty sad. There are allegedly several parties but under the skin only two and they're pretty much the same. The hired goons to which I referred were from the last dynasty of conservatives that were temporarily in power federally and at the provincial level. The federal guys are famously and I think justly widely held in contempt, and the provincial ones were a pale, poor-cousin imitation of the feds.

    Typical slash and burn types (oh while padding their own pockets). Same type antecedents as the current dynasty that you're stuck with down there. How come poor folks never grow into Republicans/Conservatives? Hmmmm.



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