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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Pump Pump Pumps Your Blood

Pump, pump, pumps your Blood (as sung by Potsie on Happy Days)
courtesy of: http://www.bloodbook.com/pump_your_blood.html

The right atrium’s where the process begins,
where the CO2 Blood enters the heart.
Through the tricuspid valve,

to the right ventricle,
the pulmonary artery, and lungs.
Once inside the lungs,

it dumps its carbon dioxide
and picks up its oxygen supply.
Then it’s back to the heart

through the pulmonary vein,
through the atrium and left ventricle.
Pump, pump, pumps your Blood.

Pump, pump, pumps your Blood.
The aortic valve’s where the Blood leaves the heart,

then it's channeled to the rest of the bod.
The arteries, arterioles, and capillaries too

bring the oxygenated Blood to the cells.
The tissues and the cells trade off waste and CO2,

which is carried through the venules and the veins
Through the larger vena cava to the atrium and lungs,

and we're back to where we started in the heart.
Pump, pump, pumps your Blood (repeat a million times)

Hi world how are you? I have the above stupid song in my head and thought I'd pass it on to you.

You're welcome.

heh heh heh

It's still snowing here but not really interesting snow. It's the kind of small tiny snow that comes down like rain and drifts across roadways like sand. Still lots of cars going off into the ditch, but I leave work late enough to miss all the excitement except for the tire tracks.

And it is even less cold than yesterday. All I wore outside was office pants, gloves and a sweater. Wasn't the least bit cold (oh yah and my internet boots). Hey speaking of that, want to hear something SMART? Well, ok how about READING something smart? I ordered shoes from another company last night (Internet). They sent me an e mail telling me to call my credit card company, verify exactly how much I was being charged on my card for the shoes (tax etc. included), then to call them back in 5 days with the info. If I don't, the order won't go through.

Is that clever or what?

Also a bit of a PIA, but definitely someone's got their thinking cap on (for those of us who remember Tom Terrific and Manfred the Wonder Dog) at that place.

Work went great today. Got a huge lot done. One project's taking forever but that's how it is sometimes. M is catching right on, dove into the deep end and is taking on/doing great work. I love working with him, T bird and Marc. They are just the limit. D has the flu and is overloaded. I think her bod's objecting to her insane workload and hours, but she's at that point where 'it just has to get done'. Oh oh. Well, the flu will fix that, I am sure. Not that I wish it on her, she is TERRIFIC but.... ya gotta listen to the bod.

Also got a good joke from Pauly (forgot to send it to myself at home, will post later) and follow up jokes from S. Killed myself laughing. One of them involved a tin foil hat...Love those guys, miss them too. A lot.

Got some great dirty jokes today which most of you probably got via e mail. If not, send me your e mail addy and I'll put you on my distribution list. I get some of them from other lists...most from my insane friends.

Here's one: What's the worst thing you can say to a man who's complaining about his wife being frigid? Answer: "No she's not!".

Tee hee hee

The meeting with the Evil Witch was really funny. She talked for almost an hour straight (thought she'd run out of breath at one point). I should have timed it. Had decided not to say anything but of course I did, most of it updating her (old) info. M chimed in here and there, just enough to ummm block some moves. It was funny. Really funny. I love watching him do stuff like that. He's so classy/good looking, well dressed, and does the most obnoxious things (but only to mean people) with an innocent smile on his face, and what he does is very subtle--makes it impossible for them to do underhanded things. It's really hilarious. Sounds awful but it's funny to watch the reactions. The body language alone....man. And when someone's being nice, polite and pleasant...it's tough to be mean to them. I almost feel sorry for the victims, but there aren't many. This one has chased away dozens of good people because she's so condescending, unsupportive and rude. Unfortunately she's also extremely smart, spoiled and married to a millionaire.

That's right, independently wealthy.

Oh well. Can't have it all, I guess.

I'm off to blog hop and then go to bed early. Oh also to find a pic of those boots for DMJ.

Night folks! Keep warm!!



  • At 1/05/2006 07:58:00 PM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    That's MIGHTY Manfred the Wonder Dog, Bridg. Don't you think that Lariat Sam might get a little jealous about not getting mentioned? hehe
    Does the tinfoil hat joke have anything to do with Tom Terrific and his funnel?
    I'd LOVE to see M in action! I love people that can suavely maneuver someone into hanging themselves. I've always been too hotheaded to do this effectively.

  • At 1/05/2006 08:19:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    tshsmom, I'd forgotten about LS. Which cartoon had the dog character that would float up into the air whenever he ate, then slowly drift down on his back going mmmmm, mmmmmmm, MMMMMMMM? Was that Auggie Doggie and Doggie Daddy? It's been driving me nuts not knowing.

    So glad you know TT and MTWD too!

    M in action, I'm telling you it is a thing of beauty. And he isn't slimy smooth either...it's all real.

    I used to be a hothead until I started working with M. Weird the stuff I've learned from this guy...but cool.

  • At 1/05/2006 08:28:00 PM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    I think they were all on the Huckleberry Hound show.

    How do you keep from laughing when M is in action? Evil people are sooo clueless to this strategy. They hang themselves before they even know what's happening.

  • At 1/05/2006 08:37:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    THANKS tshsmom, that helps immensely!!!

    I just look at M. It must make him want to laugh, but usually I'm sitting right next to him so all I have to do is turn a bit.

    You're right about evil folks. Dumb as doornails (sorry, doornails).

  • At 1/06/2006 02:24:00 AM, Blogger ann said…

    I'd totally forgotten that song! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :)

  • At 1/06/2006 09:33:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    You're welcome, Ann! Glad you like it, a lot of the songs I post are ooooldies....


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