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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I Got The Music In Me

"When something gets in my way, I go round it
Don't let liiiife get me down
Gotta keep my feet
Firmly on the ground...."

Hey world how are you? Soaking wet if you were here. It freezing rained, then rained. So all the ice now has a deceptive sheet of water on it. Didn't have salt, the corner store's out of it, so I put kelp fertilizer (use on cedar hedges) on the ice and guess what? It worked BETTER than salt OR sand!

For those of you who happen to have kelp fertilizer handy...heh heh heh

Hope your day world, was as good and productive as mine. M, I, M's wife, you name it--everyone I know of involved in that mess of a meeting yesterday went home upset. It occurred to me on the way into work this a.m. that NBG would not stand for the positions taken yesterday nor for our continuing to participate in such a sham. He called me first thing in the a.m. to discuss something else. He happened to mention something unethical that was right in line with The Meeting From Hell, so I described what happened. He asked that we include him in meetings (to lend his considerable weight to our directions, not to supervise), supported my position--backed me up to the hilt. This guy is very powerful, his support is very critical (besides he's my boss' boss).

M came into my office as we were hanging up. M had come to (surprise ha ha) the exact same conclusions that I had, and was very excited about NBG's reactions. So we met, gave him the fuller story, he again backed us up. We made the appropriate calls, which sparked more calls (to me) and the decision machine sprang into action: I and my counterpart from another org must chair this effort. The current chair can't (we are ummm assessing him, he can't tell us how) anymore. Deviations from this mean that we quit and will do our own study. And we can. They know it. If M and I (relatively respected names in O town in this area) pull out, that will signal everyone who matters that something stinks big time. That will create huge problems for the current chair, and there is $300K immediately, and some millions in about a year, riding on this.

Meeting's Friday. Should be very interesting.

We are all thrilled to bits. Is another 'fix the screw-ups (of someone else)" meeting tomorrow which should go quite well too. Oh by the way, both I and the friend who dragged me into this thing were sitting next to each other in The Meeting From Hell, and M said that both of us were rolling our eyes, making faces, etc. during the meeting and that others were too. I wish you guys could see the faces I make, honestly they're both funny and (if you're the one not making sense) scary. Don't do that very often anymore but it was soooo bad yesterday I had to. It was either that or say something kinda devastating (put someone in their place) and I hate hate hate that. M does it better than I do anyway.

This is almost looking good. Definitely miles ahead of where we were yesterday.

Mom's boots from Utah arrived today at my house. Even they wouldn't help her with the ice today tho. I even took her trash out tonight...no way she could even get down the sidewalk (as if I'd let her try!). I was lucky to make it across the parking lot into work this a.m. and got M to drive me to my car (he was parked on the street) tonight.

We agreed to just take each other to dinner on our birthdays, starting now. OK so I'm taking him to the fanciest, nicest steak house in town on Friday (heh heh heh). Haven't been there in years but it's famous. WC, I"m talking about Hy's.

I'm starving. Gotta go do dinner--just rushed in here to tell you all what happened as soon as I got in.

Oh yah, none of my laminating is done yet. I am one frustrated little Bridg. But they gotta get here sooner or later.....Next week allegedly. Am trying not to think about it.

Stay dry y'all!!!


p.s. Lou finally noticed that I turned the plastic cow she has on top of her monitor upside down with its butt facing her today. She called me during a meeting and called me a bum for doing it. So now I moo at her every time she phones me. She's NBG's executive assistant, so she calls a lot.



Big Shots meeting cancelled. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • At 1/11/2006 08:12:00 PM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    I'm an eye-roller too.(Gee, wonder where my kids get it?) I have a real hard time controlling this when I'm waiting on impossible customers. ;)

  • At 1/11/2006 09:43:00 PM, Blogger Wandering Coyote said…

    Never been to Hy's. In fact, I never even heard of it until well into my tenure in O-Town. I've heard varying things about Al's on Elgin, though - some good, some bad. Can't beat The Keg for a good steak. Let me know now it goes there!

    Great that you had a good day and that you're getting the support you need from higher ups. Nice to feel that, isn't it?

    I'm a great face-maker myself.

  • At 1/11/2006 10:49:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    tshsmom and WC, could you imagine us working in the same place? At a same meeting?

    heh heh heh, one thing, it would be entertaining!!!


    p.s. making faces and eye rolls sure beat other means of communicating frustration...like tasers (a fantasy of mine)....


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