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Friday, January 06, 2006

End of the Line

As you can probably tell from these titles, world, Pal Jery gave me the Travelling Willburys CD for Christmas. How is THAT for great? Never get sick of that kind of stuff...

How are you tonight, world? It's pretty darn cold here lemme tell ya. Snowing on top of that but it's a nice slow snow (small flakes).

Had a really good day. Stuff is moving along, our troops are learning very quickly, and both M's office and mine are becoming drop in centres for disaffected (picked on) staff of others. Not in a 'bitch and moan' sense, more like a 'thanks you guys for the advice and for listening' sense. I'm VERY glad that they're not put off by the fact that I"m either in M's office or he's in mine. It usually has to do with work, which quite often deteriorates into smart-ass comparisons or insults. Which all of them like. There is so much laughter that the Ice Queen across the hall from M has started shutting her door every time I"m in M's office.

Got to meet with NBG and it was great, of course. NBL is back on Monday, in theory. She doesn't want the/her old job back, the one M is acting in, right away. We do have stuff for her to do, but we need a place to put her. I think that they have that figured out. She won't be back full days either for a while.

M's cool, I'm flexible too. The thing is, the Ice Queen (Evil Witch's right hand person) was to leave now to a new job. That deal fell through. Now we're stuck with her for a while, and I'm supposed to be heading up her function. Over her dead body, I think. So for now, M and I are in the same group (which works amazingly). We had some informal stuff to do today and it went like silk. Niiiice.

Had to leave early ('early' meant 5:15) and meet an old friend who has what has to be the most frustrating job in the world. She's the only working level person in a small group of managers who are all senior, most of whom do nothing and the ones that do aren't qualified to do what they're supposed to do (communications). Consequently Ds is a pretty angry person (she's a hard-worker bee and a BEAR for detail, almost anal). Oh yah, and she's married to an abusive little guy who hasn't worked in roughly 10 years. The good news is that she's losing her 'victim' approach to things (understandable though that would be) and is now becoming much more assertive and and feisty, even at home. THAT is wonderful and long overdue. So most of the talking wasn't done by me but it was great to see her and let her vent. She liked her Christmas and (late) 50th birthday presents (gemstone necklace, dvd of Practical Magic, Trailer Park Boys T shirt and a ladybug pin--she loves ladybugs).

There's a very cute waiter at this place who keeps making a big fuss over me (I'm there a fair bit, and this happens every time I go there). He did it again tonight. Can't tell if he's just friendly (from 'down east' where friendly is law), is flirty (c'mon, I'm old enough to be his mom and scary-looking!) or if I left an obscenely big tip the first time we met. Last time I was there, I said that he was flirting with Pauly.

Ds said who cares, he's cute.

lol gotta love that. He is cute. And smart and attentive.

Well folks I am falling asleep. Not that you aren't the best company in the world, but it's late and I'm tired from not sleeping all week (except last night yahoo!).

Catch up with you later?

Happy weekend, world!


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