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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Almost Heaven

I know the real title's "Take Me Home" but was only thinking of the 'almost heaven' part of it.

The @#$% cold is slipping away thank Heaven (and about time I am running out of Kleenex)! It's still here but is breaking up. For one thing, I can HEAR now. Since I"m allergic to cats (yep and will never get rid of them either) and dust--and haven't vacuumed/dusted in ummm a while-- decided to do vacuuming and get rid of some of the layers of cat hair, thinking it'd help me breathe.

Well it did, big time, but am feeling/sweating as if I'd run a marathon. This is ridiculous! At least breathing's much easier. Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe is very confused ("Mom what the HELL are you DOING??") and the place looks a lot better not covered in long grey fur. Hmmm. Learn something new every day.

Drank an entire pot of tea. Now, it's bad enough that this was the highlight of my day due to its salubrious effects (except the vaccuming sweat-fest), but I'm guessing not just fluids, but warm fluids is good for you? Seemed to be.

Don't get sick very often, esp. colds, since this heart/bp junk started up about 2 years ago. Am making new discoveries every day like the warm fluids thing. Glad not to have taken that Buckley's stuff. Know it works but (YAY) there's a blood pressure warning on its labels. Have any of you ever tasted that stuff?? It does work but I"d rather be sick....oops I said no more joking about being sick.

So looks like it'll be back to work after all on Monday yahoo! Haven't seen the gang in most of a week although M kept me up to date.

Isn't that a dumb thing to think of on a Saturday night??? Just realised it.

OK, YAHOO am not (so) sick anymore!!!

Hope all of you avoid this plague, it really sucked big time!!!

Hugs, Bridg


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