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Monday, January 02, 2006

All Over The World

Everybody got the word! It's now 2006 all over the world.

Lots of hopes off to a running start for you all, prayers too (yes I'm one of those). Sending you angels, light and tons of love.

Well, OK except you idiots driving slow in the passing lane. Am sending a completely diff vibe YOUR way.

Took Mom out to a restaurant for New Year's Day dinner. We had a litre of wine, she had most of it 3 glasses worth, and was plastered. Poor Mom. I got her to the car without her looking silly, and stayed there for what felt like a long time watching 24. She had trouble with her legs. Walking was more like lurching. She had to use her cane in the house, which isn't normal. Even after 3 hours had passed. I tested her for all the other symptoms of stroke (blurred vision, headache, dizziness). None of them were present. Waited and helped her get up the stairs after she'd taken her meds for the night. Checked in again this a.m. and she seems fine except for the walking thing--is slower than normal.


Guess I was really worried about that and my internet/Norton subscription/microsoft subscription royally messing up my computer (couldn't access internet). Was awake until 6:00, or was it 6:30, (am) fixing it. Had to do a system restore, nothing else worked. THEN went to bed. The Most Spoiled/Patient Cat In The Universe woke me up at 12:55. Think she was hungry, poor baby. Can't say I blame her. Took an hour to get dressed and get to Mom's to give her a ride outside. Exchanged some cat food that neither of our cats thought much of, had to get yet MORE prescriptions filled/picked up, run some errands (forgot a big one), etc. and drove Mom through the neighborhood where we used to live in the late 60s, earlyl 70s. She had a great time seeing the old places, they're in good hands/good shape.

Anyway, doubled the sleep meds for tonight, this staying up all night is insane. Will catch up with the blogs as soon as I can. Have one more day off...

See ya soon.....hugs, Bridg


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