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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sea of Love/I'm a Fool

Hi world, hope it vas well?

It's still cloudy but getting cool here. Not cold enough for a coat mind you (for me anyway). Wanted to drop off dry cleaning but they weren't open. Oh well, the coat's been filthy for a year, it can wait. Did drop off some stuff for lamination and tried to remain casual when they told me how much it would cost ($72 each). Then went one better financially and replaced my horrid toaster oven with something that actually works. Unfortunately, also got an electric chopper (I make a lot of soup and hate chopping onions), a Dirt Devil (little one for the stairs) and hangers for my work closet (up until now folks just throw their coats on the floor, I am serious). Managed to cut the tip of a finger somehow in the process of getting all this stuff away. Those suckers bleed let me tell you.

So although originally wanted Christmas decorations on sale, managed to put a lot more on plastic without getting the decorations. Must be allergic to money, can't wait to get rid of it. The devil made me do it.

BUT did get the Rogers' cell phone killed, and cut back on the cable which I don't watch anyway. Does anyone watch that stuff on channels 300+? I tried it and by and large, it sucks. Wasn't worth the money (turns out I had their most expensive package). Part of why I got rid of the cell (well OK I got a Telus one) was that the phone was clunky, you had to go through a long turn-on process (Rogers' ad), and the price I was paying was outrageous ($205 a month???). Turns out as a 2 year customer I was supposed to get a phone upgrade but no one mentioned it. Too late! The Telus is smaller, much better and faster. And cheaper. Whoever is in charge of marketing at Rogers needs a severe spanking. Found out that there are "I hate Rogers" sites on the Net too. Hmmm.

Tomorrow/Tonight will think about house cleaning. Once a year whether it needs it or not ;)

Am absolutely famished. Off to cook something in new toaster oven (wish me luck). Hope that today was lovely for all of you.....and that it's sunny somewhere tomorrow....Bridg


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