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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Questions and Answers

Keep running through my mind all night...

and on it goes! Hi world!!! Hope you're OK tonight?
I just slammed the car door on my index finger (right hand) five minutes ago. NO not on purpose, so this may be short tonight. It is killing me to type and I can't type by hunt-and-peck , it drives me nuts(er). HAD to fill up the car (gas) tonight, was down to the last line before E and just shut the door too quickly. Didn't even have time to swear. Ouchie.

Well, to quote M, regarding yesterday, I am very sensitive to boss' (or anyone's) mood changes but rotten at interpreting them. The man (NBG) was showing how comfortable he is with me by totally delegating stuff to me AND teasing me. This is breakthrough for all of us (in a good way). Today he was wonderful again, the few times that I saw him. NBG I mean.

M talked to one of the two people who want to join us (the one who's helping us anyway on the sly). She was very happy after talking to us. She laughed when I joined (her and M) them and said that "M just told her that I wasn't blowing smoke up her ---" about work and her role in it. Cracked me up. Later I got an e mail from a friend of hers who thanked me for putting a smile on this lady's face. Made my week, lemme tell ya. M's too (I sent it to him also).

This was another day of running from pillar to post, but all of it was good. Got to see a fair bit of M, nothing of Lou :( and little of NBG but what I did see was mmmmarvelous. Marc's on a 3 day course. I told him to 'catch a cold' if it's boring. Work going great with T-bird (the other newbie, who is also terrific). M polished off a few things that I'd started with NBG. It isn't possible to be happier than I am right now.

Asked M if we were going to buy each other Christmas prezzies this year. He said "you mean that one you got me wasn't a Christmas present???" I answer "No, that's a farewell from the last place (where we worked) because I was on sick leave when you left (couldn't/didn't think of presents then) and you did a great job there."

"Great job?!" he says, "I got fired!!"
"Great job", I reiterated, " it was my fault that you got fired!"
He responds "Yeah but....grrr" (meaning TLT/Mr. B would have gotten to him anyway.

So we never did settle it. Think I"ll go to Chapters and get him something smart (I mean for smart folks).

Last night because I was worried about NBG, fell asleep early, woke up at 1:00, couldn't get back to sleep so started doing housework. Until 3:00. Woke up again at 8:15 (I leave the house at 8 normally), drove like the wind and got to work on time. M was a bit late. Was sooooo sleepy I didn't think that I would last the morning, but was far more human after two coffees. Lasted the whole day.

Good thing I did too, T-bird needed face time with both of us. And I had a LOT of meetings to arrange and un-arrange. I suck at that stuff. Decided to check in with the shrink because am running out of sleep meds. Guess what, my apppointment's Thursday. Had forgotten. That might explain running low on meds, Bridg!!!

Boy you should see this finger. The nail's pretty much black and swollen. It's a teeny bit numb. Just enough feeling to hurt like the dickens.

Mom's feeling very good. Was going to venture into her basement to bring up decorations, until I reminded her that last year she was in the hospital at Christmas, and I didn't really want to do that again this year (her stairs are steep). Bro will get that stuff on Thursday, only a day or two away. She agreed. And is feeling quite good, thank heavens.

OK better call it quits for now. Hey NCIS is on tonight, don't forget.....

Love y'all! Look out for car doors, world!!!



  • At 12/13/2005 07:16:00 PM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    There's ALWAYS time to swear!
    Give your booboo a kiss for me.

    L lost 2 fingernails last month after he slammed his fingers in our ladder.

  • At 12/13/2005 07:40:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Double ouch Poor L..glad it was only his fingertips. NBG and another person I work with both have missing nails/fingertips one one finger....

    Thanks for the 'make it better'!!!


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