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Saturday, December 03, 2005

It Must Be Just Like Living In Paradise

HEY world, happy weekend!!! YAY!!!

Had very very good news! M is starting next week. Not likely Monday but next week. It's too good to be true but it is and I LOVE my boss (NBG)!!! No not that way...

Can't even remember most of what went on today, it was so packed. Was supposed to go to some meeting somewhere, and in the end didn't go because of all the last minute stuff to get M working with us (paperwork). They hadn't told me, but I was chairing that meeting. So, they arranged for me to do it over the phone. It took at least 2 hours, and it was a negotiating session among six people that was page-by-page. Not as dry as I'm making it sound, there were plenty of jokes (mostly me teasing people). While it was going on, sent an e mail out telling the nearby folks that if they needed me for anything to send an e mail because my phone was tied up.

When the telemeeting ended, called Lou. NBG was just about to call me. Said that all was in place, he needed to make sure that M's bosses would be OK with him being here before the paperwork was actually signed, because if something hiccupped, he didn't want M out on a limb with them for jumping ship early.

Is that a thoughtful guy or what? He said that we are dealing with people's careers here and need to be careful with them.

WOW. Swoon. Very cool.

We couldn't get these guys by phone (after all it was 4:05 on a Friday. None of us would dream of leaving before 5:30-6:00, but these guys...). So it looks like next week is it. Even have the temporary office ready (NBL's). When she comes back at end January, there will be another office permanently ready. Bless NBG and Lou for working most of the day to pull this off. When the day started, Lou was on the track getting the human resources stuff done. Needed info from M and couldn't find him. I called him at home talked to his wife--he was in bed asleep (at 11)--the stress of the old place was getting to him. She woke him up right away, and I (a) apologized and (b) got him working with Lou.

Dropped by NGB's office at the end of the day to thank him for all his work on M's behalf, which was/is my behalf. We had the BEST talk (heart-to-heart). He asked for the details of the 1.5 hour talk I had with Evil Witch. So I gave him a blow-by-blow description of the fight that wasn't, i.e., she asked if NBG had told me not to talk to her about my projects. Of course not I laughed (thinking that I'll come see you when I need to and I don't need to. She's thinking of course you need to see me, I'm the boss--and BTW she isn't). She described a fight she'd had with D, the other manager I like so much.

Found out hours later that she lied to me about it, and blamed her staff. Both NBG and I have had managers who do that --point fingers at staff. First of all, it wasn't true and second, even if it is, it's the MANAGER"S job/thing to deal with. Yeesh that's so basic. She wanted NBG to talk to her and only her with comments on her work. Well yah and I want a pony. I explained that NBG thinks out loud, and he talks so to many people, so rapidly and thinks so rapidly that in one day he could talk to her, D, and me at three different hours on the same topic and we'd get diff info because of it (constant consultation and movement)....this is a GOOD thing, not a bad one! And as for the talking about her stuff to me, (a) that was an accident of me giving him the wrong piece of paper and (b) well it's happened to me too big deal (aside, this is an insecurity thing. None of us have that prob except EW).

NBG started saying that "we may have our problems here but...." and I butted in with " my worst day here is a walk in the park compared to where I was" and really meant it. I have the best staff in the bunch and they are terrific. He said yes, and M would sure complement it. Then he looked at me and said Marc, T-bird (their nicknames) AND M!! Is there anything ELSE I can do for you Miss Cooper? I cracked up and said I had to get out of there to get my hair done or I'd look like a brown zebra next week (and MON that be uuuugly!!). He laughed and agreed.

Then off I went, only it was snowing and blowing like crazy--very slippery driving, even with the four new snow tires. After advising the hair place I was running late (they gave me a short cut to get there), I called M to let him know where things were. Wound up talking to his wife first, then she went and got M. THey're both very happy about things. He said they'd toast me (isn't that neat? Totally unnecessary but neat) and his wife wanted my home addy to send a Christmas card (sweet!!). Laughed..now I have to send one (don't usually do that anymore, WAY too lazy). Didn't do anything that he would not have done for me, and it's the right thing to do too.

Got home at 9 or so. Ate dinner, fell asleep (stress relief) and woke up at midnight and here I am blogging away. Next person to get over here is S. But that'll take a little longer to do. First things first.

Do feel guilty that in a work swarm of deadlines and technical stuff, the most junior person temporarily in my group, H, made fun of a document that NBG and I put together. I had made the mistake of asking her to update it by adding three studies to it. Well, not so fast. First, she said the documents were missing. I proved that they weren't. Then she started mocking what was in it and it's link to the subject, which was direct...then another put-down comment about something or other...think it was an argument against the directions I had from the coordinator...by this time I was into five other things, so I just looked at her and said 'you're not helping me here'...

That's a really strong statement, but most of what she's been doing this week is looking out the window. Meanwhile Marc and T-bird are working their butts off (me too)...yet this one has to have everything explained etc.and the thing's due like NOW. In the end T-bird pulled it through.

Was invited for lunch with the gang and couldn't due to the M thing. Damn. I like those guys.

Got home around 8-9 from getting hair done (am growing it as long as possible, mostly because M asked, also just to see how long it'll get.). It's pretty long now. Sort of Jen Anniston-y in the front only dark brown.

So got home, fed Most Spoiled Cat In The Universe, and fell asleep. Woke up at midnight. Took the two sleeping pills and here we are (the insomnia is a menopause thing). Definitely the weekend! Time to relax! And think about shopping. It was so wild, icy and windy had NOOOOO desire to go out again tonight. Hope tomorrow's less wild, weather wise.

Christmas is 3 weekends away as of Sunday. Yikes.

My sweeties, that was a long write up. Thanks for sticking through it, the stress is definitely gone. Hair feels more human, am comfortably cocooned at home and hope that you are also.

Stay warm, bundled up, enjoy the weekend, folks!

Love ya!



  • At 12/04/2005 08:23:00 AM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    I don't know why Christmas is sneaking up on me this year. I still have 1/2 of my shopping to do. Yikes! I'm on my way to Amazon right now!

  • At 12/04/2005 12:45:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    Tshsmom, same here. This time last year I was done. Haven't started yet (well not much). Yikes!

  • At 12/04/2005 01:23:00 PM, Blogger tshsmom said…

    Whew, just finished shopping. I only need 1 more gift(for a 13 yr old girl). They start getting tough to buy for at this age.
    Z still needs to get his Dad and grandparents a gift. Other than that, I'M DONE!
    Made a double batch of Christmas cookies yesterday, so I'm really in the swing now!

  • At 12/04/2005 04:42:00 PM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    HOLY CRABFISH!! That was fast, tshsmom!

    Got the cats prezzies this aft and finally found a store in O town that sells max cat. Only took 6-7 tries.

    But had a GRAND time visiting with the doggies at this place.

    And saw 7 deer on the way home! Bonus!

  • At 12/04/2005 06:23:00 PM, Blogger Wandering Coyote said…

    Seven deer? In The Big O? I never saw any wildlife there other than the frickin' squirrels!

  • At 12/04/2005 09:17:00 PM, Blogger .: raven :. said…

    glad things are going so well for you and that M is in the picture for you again ... :)

  • At 12/05/2005 12:40:00 AM, Blogger Bridget Jones said…

    TY Raven! I hope I can keep up the pace, but with M here (soon I hope) things will be even better. I'm so glad that I could get him a place that he'd be happy in. He defended and protected me every day of the year we spent in hell (with Mr. B). And he just happens to be the man for the job too!

    Glad to be outa there (Mr. B territory)...Bridg


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