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Friday, December 23, 2005

Felitz Navidad

Or however you spell it! Happy almost Christmas Eve, world!

It's RAINING outside, can you believe it? Someone Up There is listening to me. OK now listen, make a cute straight single old enough guy show up at the (my) door, OK?

Heh heh heh like THAT's ever gonna happen!!

Wound up writing Christmas/holiday cards to EVERYONE at work. Some had a lot more writing than others and all were personal. Whew that took a while. The chicken wings didn't go over too well, but then again there was a ton of food. Got to meet everyone's kids and some wives (not many). It was a lovely time, lots of chat, fun and laughing. M signed his letter of offer (i.e. he has the job permanently) today. I thanked NBG for the present (M getting his job). He laughed and said that M is more 'permanent' than I am now. When I stuck out my lower lip, he said 'no don't worry we're working on that one fast'. I knew he was, the big sweetie.

On the other hand, would enjoy going back to inflict myself on TLT. He.would.crap.big.bricks. Teeee heee hee.

Just kidding, that ain't gonna happen.

Did meet the deadline. Got the task done. I am sooooooooooooooooo relieved. YAHOO!!

Was kinda walking around after the party when NBG and I spotted each other. He said "hey, I have some wine!". I called M to come over to NBG's office, Lou (of course) came in and we all called D. Had a terrific smaller party with some very stinky cheese and a terrific dry white wine. I had all kinds of ideas for how to use the cheese leftovers but got overruled. Damn, some of the best ideas I have are either overruled, illegal or....oh never mind just Bridg at it again.

M and Lou both liked their presents (whew). Everyone liked their cards, and I got some more too. All of them had lots of writing in them (love that).

Well, just got phone calls from everyone: Bro's out shopping with Mom. Sis is out shopping with her pal. I am in my pjs and it's not even 5:00. Was going to get odds and ends that I don't really need urgently and decided to stay home instead because EVERY NUT IN TOWN IS ON THE ROAD RIGHT NOW!!!

Seriously, this is not a day to be driving.

Hope you all had a wonderful day, hope you partied hearty, sleep well, and enjoy tomorrow and the rest of your days!!!

Love, Bridg


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