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Monday, December 12, 2005

Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

Is precisely what I don't have! Hi world, hope you're warm tonight because it is FREEZING outside!!

Just bought frozen turkeys and stuffing (to donate. Got the biggest ones in the store)...left them in my car trunk. That's how cold it is.

Did you guys know that you can get East Side Mario's entrees at Sobey's???? YAH!! Guess what I'm 'cooking' for dinner!? YAY Sobey's!!!!

Well I thought that my golden girl status would last about 3 months and I was right. The boss (NBG) was in a weird mood today, kinda snarky. Usually I"m immune from it but today wasn't. He didn't criticize anything I did, other than say that the work M and I have been doing (the groundbreaking stuff) has to be integrated with the work of the Evil Witch.

That's kind of hard when all she does is yell and wave her arms. And her acolyte provides info at the last minute, usually never what's asked for, and demands that the documents be given back to her. Lovely.

Also, I had not checked to see who would be coming to the 9:30 meeting. Attendance was light. Two or three folks showed up right after the meeting ended. Hmmm. I had already tried to change the meeting date but he (NBG) declined to do that. Next time I'll call round first (assuming time exists, which it usually doesn't).

So spent the day making changes suggested by the few who did show up. I was so quiet afterwards that one of the EW acolyte's staff came in to check on me. Turns out she's an expert in the things I had to do AND she was bored, so I got her working on my stuff. Then started booking meetings with NBG and four other folks, all of which has to be done bilaterally since it's so close to Christmas (everyone's booked up). Three of the meetings are over lunch.

Another person, one of the auditors (a real dear), said that he wants to work with us/me. He is smart, capable, his dad is one of the most decent smart guys around. It'd be an honour to work with him. Right now he works for Evil Witch and I've seen him standing in front of her desk hanging his head. Makes me furious. He said that he's losing his confidence and creativity because of the constant micromanaging and criticism. Oh have I been there.

Told M about this and his eyes just gleamed. OH yes he liked the paperweight very much. Turns out he's ordered something for me as a thank-you, which is totally unnecessary (and told him so). Now I have to go find him a Christmas present. Have NO idea in Hades what to get either.

I know! Will get him a book. He loves reading Descartes and other brainiac things. Will go for that. No gift certificates...

OK off to eat, am starving.

Kinda scared to go back in there tomorrow....not that anything bad happened. It just wasn't the warm-fest that it usually is.

Stay warm, world!



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