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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

You're Beautiful (It's True)

Hola world, happy Tuesday (MAN it feels like Thursday!). How be you tonight?

It is pouring outside and WARM. Lovin' this. No snow around except on the corner of guess who's driveway. As long as this stuff doesn't freeze, it's great.

Got the BEST news!! They can transfer M right into our organization! He could be here on MONDAY!!! There's a human resources type person who has to do this and she's sick, but it is soooooo reassuring. A real shot in the arm (OK you know what I meant! Energy not pain!).

More panic e mails from the old job (new boss in the old job) that shows further ummmm deterioration there. Hope I never have to see that place again. M said that he would hire me when he gets here (I know NBG-new boss guy--will do that so am not worried but it was sweet of M to say that).

This is funny! I find a job before M, move there, then get him hired as my boss permanently in my new office before I"m hired permanently! It'll be OK.

New boss lady (who's on stress leave) came into work today for a visit. She won't be back till the end of January. Looked better, she finally admitted that she's burned out. She brought in her daughter (the one who had cancer--sweet 9 year old) to the office too.

Other stuff went on today--the audit witch was nice to me in a meeting, we came to a good agreement, and the minute I left she tried to bully my boss into getting me to work for her (he told me this later). Of course it didn't work, but I can't believe that she even tried it. Lots of other meetings too but it's all good.

Can you believe this, one of the kids was sick. Stayed home in the a.m. and came into work at noon! I gave him a bit of hell (teasing) but just can't believe this guy's professionalism/energy. Holy crabfish.

OK off to make dinner and watch NCIS.

Have a great evening, world!!!



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